Accelerator Coaching ProgramTM
The premier program for consultants to develop a predictable pipeline of clients and achieve meaningful success.


Would you like to learn how to consistently attract your ideal consulting clients, have a marketing process that is repeatable and actually works? And how about a way to earn higher fees and win more proposals?

If you're like most of the consultants we work with, you probably do, but what’s stopped you from getting there so far?

Have you relied on referrals or your own network to grow your business and those referrals have started to dry up?

Is your pipeline of opportunities lacking?

Have you been dealing with the income roller coaster where one month you’re feeling good about things, and the next month and the month after you’re not feeling as confident and as a result do you ever start doubting your business and future?

Do you ever find yourself dealing with long sales cycles and delays by clients?

Do you find it a challenge to truly convey the real value you are able to provide so that you can earn higher fees?

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The Consulting Difference

We both know there’s no shortage of people online these days claiming they have the best tactic or model for business growth.

The problem with most of these models is that they are not specific to growing a consulting business.

Their focused on selling to consumers, or promoting information products, doing life coaching or something altogether different.

You see, the approach that many people talk about, whether it’s Facebook ads, website funnels, or some other type of social media aren’t always the right fit for reaching and winning the minds and hearts of business and corporate buyers.

With B2B buyers you must use a different approach, one that is based on building real relationships and having meaningful consulting conversations.

Achieve Meaningful Success

If you’re like most of the professionals we work with you became a consultant because:

You want to put your skills to work in a way where people would see and appreciate your value and what you have to offer and contribute.

You want the unlimited income earning potential - to earn what you deserve and not have caps or a ceiling placed over you by an employer.

You want freedom and flexibility of your schedule and to be able to spend more time with your family and loved ones.

Does that sound like you?

Most of the consultants that reach out to us have years of experience. You probably are very good at what you do. You know how to provide value and results to your clients. So it’s not your expertise or experience that is the issue. Your challenge is marketing.

Step-by-Step System for Consultants

You want a step-by-step system, process and plan that you can follow that will allow you to attract high-value consulting clients consistently. That will win their attention and interest so they want to have a conversation with you.

And then, to be able to engage them in a high-value project that allows you to do great work for them and receive great compensation for the value you’re delivering.

The 4 Pillars

To have a successful consulting business requires four pillars:

1. Ideal client clarity - you must know who your ideal client is so you can focus on and target them

2. Magnetic message - a marketing message that instantly gets their attention and interest, resonates with them so they want to speak with you.

3. ROI Positioning - a clear structure for your offers, how you package them, position them, place value and price them, and how you present them to the marketplace in a way that allows you to earn higher fees.

4. Marketing Engine - a highly efficient step-by-step process that gets you in front of your ideal clients consistently, so they know who you are, and want to speak with you.

The Marketing Engine leverages automation and builds in follow up for you, so even when you’re busy working on a client project or are away on vacation, much of the heavy lifting is done for you by the Marketing Engine so you always have a full pipeline. All successful consultants have this in place in their business.

If any of this sounds like what you're dealing with, and if you think that you may be missing one or all four of these pillars, if you feel they may be holding you back from experiencing the level of success you want then we have good news for you. This is exactly why we created the Accelerator Coaching Program.

You can see many examples of consultants who have grown and scaled their businesses, who consistently attract their ideal clients, have a full pipeline, earn higher fees and enjoy more freedom and the clients they work with. We have videos so you can see all of this on the next page. But this page isn’t about them, it’s about you.

Who This Program Is For

This process can work exceptionally well for you if you are:

An expert with real experience in your domain and can provide value and results for your clients.

You serve the B2B market, that means your clients are other businesses or organizations (including non-profits)

However, if you’re selling B2C, or your goal is to sell information products, life coaching and so on, than we are not the right people or fit. Our expertise is working with consultants to grow and take their consulting businesses to the next level.

If you’re ready to take action and solve the challenges you’re facing in your business so that you can enjoy more clients, more income, more freedom and meaningful success then click the link below on this page to see if this makes sense for you, and if it does, we’ll tell you a whole bunch more about the program.

On the next page you’ll get the details of the Accelerator Coaching Program, see results and case studies from other consultants, and learn about the program format and structure so that you can decide if it’s the right fit for you.

Interested in applying to the Accelerator Coaching Program?

View the program details, learn if you qualify and decide if it's the right fit for you.


Success Stories (More on next page)

Vince Rath
Owner & Consultant - Optimum Retail Solutions
Phil Kelly
Managing Partner, iPower Consulting
Anton 'Tony' Mitchell
Anton 'Tony' Mitchell
Quviant Management Group
"I took what Michael taught me about focusing on the real problems that my clients have and made some changes to my approach compared to what we were doing before. That process was very helpful. So much so, that we used it to win new projects with 3 existing clients that will be worth an extra $1M for our company. My investment in working with Michael paid off right away."
Dauwn Parker
Dauwn Parker
Founder, Precision Partners
"Michael helped me to restructure my offerings to make an additional $100,000 this year! Before working with Michael my only marketing method was letting my work speak for itself. As you can imagine that didn’t get me very far. The Accelerator Coaching approach is systematic and repeatable which gives me the confidence that I will be successful in continuing to acquire more clients. If you are serious about running a successful consulting firm this is a must."

Interested in applying to the Accelerator Coaching Program?

View the program details, learn if you qualify and decide if it's the right fit for you.