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About Consulting Success® - Michael and Sam

Consulting Success®... Our Story

A film about our entrepreneurial journey - from the ups, downs, and challenges to creating highly profitable consulting businesses full of freedom and fulfillment.

Consulting Success® is the most comprehensive learning platform for serious consultants and skilled professionals who want to grow a stable and reliable consulting practice that attracts high-value clients time and time again.

We believe in the transformational power of consulting that creates real results for clients, and enables you as a consultant to do your best work, enjoy more time with your family, and achieve your desired income level and lifestyle.

Zipursky Cousins

Founded by Michael Zipursky and Sam Zipursky aka the “Zipursky Cousins” – serial entrepreneurs turned consultants with over 32 years of combined experience – we’ve consulted for and advised businesses throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East in over 30 industries. We’ve been in the trenches hustling to grow our own consulting businesses. We know what it feels like to be the outsider struggling to make things work or find acceptance in the market.

We’ve gone through the rejections, survived the pressure of negotiating contracts to close intricate deals with billion dollar companies, worked hard to honor our word to deliver the value we promised – and thanks to those who mentored us – finally persevered to become professionals at our craft.

Today, we are dedicated to teaching consultants the strategies and best practices of what actually works in the real world of consulting, regardless of what you specialize in or the types of companies and organizations you consult for.

Our gratification doesn’t come from just building a company that teaches this. It comes from the satisfaction that we feel when a consultant says, “Thank you! What I learned from you helped me increase my confidence, taught me how to land more clients, and changed everything for me - and my business has grown as a result.” That’s what ignites our passion more than anything else.

What Does Success Mean?

To us, success is not about numbers or material gains. Instead, it's about being in a place where money isn't a concern anymore. It's the ability to go out to enjoy a meal or a trip with family. It’s having the certainty you need – in an increasingly uncertain world – to take charge of your future. It's the freedom to live life on your own terms.

Unlike too many “gurus” and inexperienced “consultants” out there who prey on people’s feelings of being overwhelmed and promise them false “instant gratification,” we are firmly against gimmicky fads, unprofessional “professionals,” and so-called magic bullets, because we recognize from experience that there is no such thing as "one best model" and success doesn’t come without taking smart action.

The fact is, every consultant is different and requires an approach that is a fit for their goals and circumstances. More Facebook advertising or social media posts won’t necessarily help you. Learning how to do cold sales phone calls won’t change things much. While the people pitching you those tactics may be qualified in teaching them, they are far from qualified in teaching you the timeless and powerful fundamentals essential to building a successful consulting practice.

The Consulting Success® Approach

This is why we at Consulting Success® take a different approach, and focus on equipping you with systems for consistent results and even self-accountability. Since 2007, we have empowered over 34,000 consultants from 80+ countries. Our proven online Clarity Coaching Programs, consulting courses, and masterminds have helped our committed students find clarity, communicate their value, be seen as authorities, and achieve the growth and stability they’ve long desired.

There’s never been a better time to act and seize the opportunity. According to Intuit’s research by 2020 in the United States alone more than “40% of the American workforce, or 60 million people, will be independent workers—freelancers, contractors, and temporary employees.” Many out of those 60 million will be consultants.

Get a head start, and take your consulting practice to the next level. Together, we can raise the standards in our industry, live the lives we want, and have a greater impact on the lives of our clients.

Michael Zipursky and Sam Zipursky’s work has appeared in the Financial Times, FOX Business, Maclean's, HR Executive, Marketing Magazine, Huffington Post, Certified Management Consultant News, and many more media outlets and publications. Both Michael and Sam speak English and Japanese, and are lovers of traveling, music, wines and foods of the world, especially sushi. More than anything else though, they treasure spending time with family.

About the Team

In addition to all the consultants and contributors that share their wisdom on the blog (respect to you all), and our very talented lead web developer Vincent, here are brief bios about the “Zipursky Cousins” – the founders of Consulting Success®:

Michael Zipursky

Michael Zipursky – Michael has consulted for organizations and advised leaders throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and the Middle East in over 30 industries, from service providers to billion dollar multi-national corporations including Panasonic, Dow Jones, Financial Times, Royal Bank and many others. Michael is an in-demand speaker and gives keynotes and workshops for the Certified Management Consultants Association, Canadian Internet Marketing Conference, Social Media Camp and others. Michael’s work has appeared in MarketingProfs, Huffington Post, Financial Times, FOX Business, Maclean's, HR Executive, Business Edge, Marketing Magazine and in several other media and publications. He is the author of 5 books including Profitable Relations: How to Dramatically Increase Your Profits By Giving Customers What They Really Want, the Consulting Success System: How to Become a Successful Consultant, and the Masters of Consulting Interviews. Michael speaks English and Japanese and loves traveling, music, wines and foods of the world, and most of all spending time with his wife and two daughters. Follow Michael on Twitter @MichaelZipursky LinkedIn: Michael Zipursky

Michael is a regular consulting expert featured on podcasts such as Conscious Millionaire, Unstoppable CEO, Daily Grind, Duct Tape Marketing, Freelance Transformation among many others.

Sam Zipursky

Sam Zipursky – Sam has over 20 years of consulting and business experience with a variety of companies around the world. He spends most of his time focusing on the connection between internet, branding, design and marketing. In 2001, together with Mike, Sam co-founded the international brand design and consulting firm Kankei Culture. Over the last several years Sam has spent time in North America, Europe and Asia, where he has worked on several cross-cultural business projects. When not focusing on the business side of things he can be found relaxing at coffee shops with a good book, spending time traveling the globe, and producing underground jazz and hip hop instrumentals. Follow Sam on Twitter @SamZipursky LinkedIn: Sam Zipursky Instagram: Sam Zipursky