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Consulting and Operating On The 12-Minute-A-Day Methodology with John Mitchell: Podcast #32

When working hard doesn’t work, there has to be something else. A defining moment happened in John Mitchell’s life where he was afraid he was not getting the exceptional life of freedom, lifestyle, and sense of accomplishment that he had always wanted. His search for the top book on success and achievement ever written led him to Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich. From that, he developed the 12-Minute-A-Day Methodology. Applying this science will …


Consulting Your Inner Self To Master The Business Mind Games with Jason Treu: Podcast #31

Have you ever felt like you needed to do something else but didn’t know what that was? Jason Treu is the CEO’s secret weapon. His work as an executive coach revolves around helping entrepreneurs, executives and rising stars increase their leadership and performance. He helps them map out their business blueprint, either starting their business from scratch or taking them to the next level. Working with over a hundred high performing individuals, Jason learned that …


4 Steps To Specializing Your Consulting Sales and Marketing Techniques with Perry Marshall: Podcast #30

Protect your business with your network, your niche, and your mindset. Description: Today I’m very excited to be joined by Perry Marshall. Perry is the author of several fantastic sales and marketing books and splits his time between higher-end client work and equity in companies as well as his science and technology project Evolution 2.0. Today we’re diving deep into the ways you can find your ideal clients, how to successfully manage your sales, marketing …


Attracting High-Value Clients In One Vital Step: Podcast #29

From the The Elite Consulting Mind, a look into the reasons why you can’t wait for perfection to take action. Description: Today I’m sharing another chapter from my newest book The Elite Consulting Mind: 16 Proven Mindsets to Attract More Clients, Increase Your Income and Achieve Meaningful Success. This book is full of principles — all proven by elite consultants — that you can use to overcome challenges, remove obstacles, and grow your business significantly. …


Securing $20,000 Speaking Engagements with Chester Elton: Podcast #28

How to leverage your writing, speaking, and training expertise to increase your consulting fees. Description: I’m very pleased to be joined today by Chester Elton, a recognized expert in business and leadership. Chester has worked together with his partner, Adrian Gostick, for over 20 years to create networks where people feel engaged, enabled, and energized. They are the authors of several leadership books, including the newly released The Best Team Wins: The New Science of …


7 Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Commitment To Success with Jon DeWaal: Podcast #27

Achieving real consulting success starts with your discipline, your conversations, and your commitment to making positive change. Description: In today’s episode, I’m joined by Jon DeWaal, a life transition specialist who helps people work through the personal side effects of making major life transitions. He describes his work as counseling, coaching, career counseling, and spiritual direction, all rolled into one. Jon has joined me today to discuss the questions you can ask yourself about your …


Succeeding As A Non-Profit Consultant with Elizabeth Woolfe: Podcast #26

The importance of trusting your motivation, developing habits of effective networking and capitalizing on your strengths to find greater consulting success. Description: In today’s episode, I’m joined by Elizabeth Woolfe, a passionate consultant with a focus on nonprofit organizations in the healthcare industry. There is a common misconception in the consulting world that working with nonprofit organizations means that there are no profits to be had for consultants. Many consultants avoid working with nonprofits for …


3 Steps To Building A Stand Out Portfolio With Emma Sharley: Podcast #25

On this episode, I’m talking with Emma Sharley, an experienced and very successful brand and marketing consultant in Australia. She works with retail, technology, and lifestyle client companies on setting up market and brand strategies, brand positioning, transitioning markets, and marketing new products lines. She also has a complementary start-up in the retail technology sector called ShopYou, which she co-founded in 2016. Emma has worked with both large corporations and smaller operations, and she’s joined …



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