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3 Reasons Consulting Proposals Fail

Transcript: Today I’m going to talk about proposals, and three reasons as to why proposals are often not accepted, or why people encounter clients delaying on proposals, or deciding just not to move forward on them. There’s three reasons that are quite common, and we’re going to look at those here today. The first reason […]


Less Marketing, More Consulting — How To Win Projects Within Your Network with Stuart Friedman: Podcast #19

The greatest marketing tool you have is your network — here’s how to make it work for you. Description: Today I’m excited to be joined by Stuart Friedman from Global Context. This Silicon Valley-based previous electrical engineer with a passion for theater studied at Carnegie Mellon, then started his career in product marketing and sales […]


Getting More Referrals and Creating Relationships That Lead to Greater Success with Liz Kislik: Podcast #18

When you insist on hard work and high standards, you will see your consulting luck transform into substantial consulting success. Description: If your consulting business has more than one employee, chances are you have run into conflict with your partners or coworkers. On this episode of the Consulting Success Podcast, I’m joined by Liz Kislik, […]


The Secret to Landing Six-Figure Consulting Projects with Dauwn Parker: Podcast #17

A little patience and a lot of value are all it takes to prove your high-dollar consulting worth. Description: On this episode of the Consulting Success Podcast, I’m joined by Dauwn Parker. She founded Precision Partners in 2013 with a focus on helping healthcare and higher education organizations take their fundraising to the next level […]


Personal Holiday Season Message For You

Can you believe another year has almost come to an end?! I’ve had a lot to reflect on this year… My step-father Barry passed away from Alzheimer’s. Two young kids in our extended family have been dealing with illness, including one suddenly diagnosed with Cancer. I look at the energy and life my daughter Rei […]


Consulting Sales Systems That Work for Introverts with Bob Burg: Podcast #16

Transform your failures into success in no time by implementing sales systems that will work for you. Description: Bob Burg is a sought-after speaker at company leadership and sales conferences around the world. He has shared the platform with everyone from seasoned business leaders and broadcast personalities to a former U.S. president. He is the […]


From Door to Door Salesman to International Leadership Consulting with John Murphy: Podcast #15

If the top of the CEO ladder doesn’t satisfy like you hoped it would, it’s time to create your own consulting success. Description: John Murphy is the man behind John Murphy International, a France-based business that is focused on helping global companies create winning teams. Originally from Dublin, Ireland, John started his business in Ireland […]



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