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Are You Losing Clients Because of This Technology?

By Michael Zipursky
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You can use all the technology in the world yet it can’t replace the power of meeting with your ideal clients face-to-face.

I’ve heard from many consultants, “why would I get on an airplane or drive 100 miles to meet with a prospective client when I can just email them or give them a call?”

What matters is the result. If spending $600 leads to landing a $60,000 project who cares about the cost of the ticket.

Because it raises your chance of winning their business, that’s why!

I know it’s easy to sit behind a keyboard or tap out a message on your phone. It’s comfortable and convenient. It’s what most people do.

None of that replaces a face-to-face meeting.

Business is still and always will be about relationships. People want to work with you because they like you. Because they trust you. And because they believe that you can provide value and results.

Two scenarios:

a) You meet someone at an event and have a conversation with them
b) Someone sends you an email trying to initiate a conversation

Now, which scenario results in greater trust between the two people involved?

That’s right, without a doubt it’s the first one.

If it’s so clear that meeting your ideal client face-to-face is so much more effective why don’t more people do it?

A common response is because it costs more money. That is very true.

It might cost you a $600 to fly to another city to meet with your ideal client and only 6 cents to send them an email. Or $2 to give them a call.

That type of thinking only considers half the picture. The less important half.

What matters is the result. If spending $600 leads to landing a $60,000 project who cares about the cost of the ticket.

Consultants need to stop wasting time counting coins and instead think bigger.

And if your response is “But Michael, I can’t charge that much” the answer is simple. Learn how to increase your fees, provide more value and charge more per project.

This isn’t rocket science my friend.

Relationships matter. Meeting face-to-face with a prospective buyer is about the best thing you can do to move business forward.

So what are you waiting for?

Get more clients now.

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