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The Best Consultants Course Out There

By Michael Zipursky

Okay, now that I have your attention let me get right to the point. I’m not going to suggest any specific consultants course in this post. WAIT, before you leave the page let me share some valuable advice with you.

There are thousands of consultants courses out there. You can read a room full of books, listen to audios, attend conferences and get absolutely nowhere!

It’s not that there is something wrong with any of the above. In fact, getting your hands on as much solid information as possible is a good idea. But there’s also a problem with this.

It’s just too much
There is too much information out there. Even when you’re reading the best of it …you’re still reading. That’s the problem. You need to get out there and get your hands dirty. You need to take action.

I remember when I got started in consulting, I literally devoured everything I could. And that was great, I felt smart, empowered and ‘experienced’. The real learning came however when I started to get out there, deal with clients, manage projects and make a full-time living from it.

This post isn’t meant to have you stop learning. No, I want you to come back to Consulting Success® everyday to learn something new – but honestly, the best way to achieve success in this game is to start DOING. Not just learning or thinking, but DOING.

Here’s how to make this happen:

  1. Make a list of goals.
  2. Break them down into weekly goals.
  3. Decide what you need to do to make them happen each day.
  4. Spend 1 hour each day, that’s it (at minimum) taking action on these items.

They can be networking, marketing, calling past or current clients. Anything that helps you achieve your goal.

So there you have it. The best consultants course out there is nothing fancy, it’s simply taking ACTION.

2 thoughts on “The Best Consultants Course Out There

  1. Anastacio says:

    I hate to agree, but, When I started doing consulting I didn’t even know I was doing it, truely. I had attended seminars and been in involved as a group member in some, and had observed many consultants. So when I was asked if I could lead a prestigious midwestern university board training weekend seminar, I said yes. I designed the process, picked the exercises according to what my clients goals were and did it. My client,and the group, said it was the best they had ever participated in.
    I was 24 years old. Today, 35 years later, after training consultants and trainers on an international basis, I agree. Get your feet wet!

    • Thanks Anastacio, appreciate the feedback and great to hear about your experiences.

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