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Case Study

How Bobby Gillespie Earned $100,000 More Revenue in Seven Months

Through strategies acquired from Consulting Success, Bobby Gillespie’s company, Propr Design, increased their revenue by $100,000 and attracted bigger clients, even as they raised the price of their offering from $7,000 to $20,000.

Hitting a Growth Ceiling

Bobby Gillespie is the founder and principal at Propr Design, a brand development marketing firm and consultancy that specializes in working with B2B tech brands looking to scale. They help clients clarify their positioning, messaging, and personality, and develop the tools and assets they need to activate growth.

Propr Design experienced a few years of great success, but eventually, they reached a growth ceiling. Bobby and his team were struggling with work-life balance, even as they tried to figure out how to break through the ceiling. He discussed the issue with friends and colleagues and received a lot of advice, but none of it seemed to help. Frustrated, he decided to hire a coach.

As he put it, “There's only so much you can learn from conversations with your colleagues and friends. There comes a time when, to break through that next ceiling, you have to reach out to folks who have been there and helped others grow beyond it.”

Unfortunately, the first coach he worked with was a discouraging experience. Bobby didn’t feel like he was a priority to his coach, and the tips he received didn’t produce results. Finally, a colleague of his recommended Consulting Success. Bobby checked out some of their online content, and it seemed to address his frustrations in new and interesting ways. In November 2020, he decided to “take the plunge,” so he filled out the contact form on the Consulting Success website.

Breaking Through the Ceiling

During his first few weeks with Consulting Success, he went through a deep dive with the Consulting Success team and received some great practical advice derived from their own experiences. As he put it, “A lot of the challenges I was experiencing were nothing new to them.” They’d seen it all before, and they knew how to break through the ceiling and accelerate his company into the next growth phase.

By implementing their strategies, Bobby was soon able to jumpstart his company’s growth. At the same time, because this took place right in the middle of the pandemic, he used the extra downtime to really focus on Propr Design’s positioning. The company moved from regional marketing to nationwide marketing, which introduced additional challenges in scaling operations, growing the team, and becoming more efficient.

Consulting Success provided strategies for dealing with each of these challenges as well. Indeed, he received so much good advice that it transformed his whole philosophy on running his business and advising clients. His priorities changed, and he was able to create a framework for productizing his offering that freed him from a lot of low-value work. Now, as his business scales, he doesn’t find his own responsibilities growing out of control. He is less burdened with tasks and more able to focus on improving the entire operation.

Massive Growth and More Vacation Time

Within seven months of joining the program, Propr Design had already exceeded the previous year’s revenue by $100,000 as a direct result of the growth strategies learned from Consulting Success. Bobby feels like he has improved both personally and professionally, and he is more focused on things that deliver actual value. Consulting Success helped him contextualize the value of his services, so he went from charging $3,000 to $7,000 for his services to charging $20,000. He’s attracting much bigger clients, and his pipeline is healthier.

All of this has improved work-life balance for Bobby and his team. He is able to enjoy a long weekend once a month, a short vacation once a quarter, and he encourages his team to do the same.

“Michael and Sam are real. They’re genuine,” Bobby said. “They’ve helped accelerate my personal growth as much as my business growth. I can’t say enough good things about them.”

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