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Business Promotion: Article Writing Strategies

By Consulting Success

Publishing your consulting articles is an important part of getting your name out to the business and marketing world. Becoming acknowledged as a readable, authoritative source is a gold mine. Consultants who get their articles in the right places get contacts, fans, and clients from their writing work. The return on your publishing efforts will yield both short and long-term benefits.

Today, especially with the Internet it is fairly easy to distribute and track the results of your publishing efforts. Consultants should make themselves available to their readership. This means in all your article submissions and PR news releases you should include links to your website or blog and your email address if you want.

If your articles are well written and making sense to people who read them, you will no doubt hear from the readership and grow your website traffic. Below I just wanted to give you seven tips for writing effective articles to use for publicity.

7 Attention Grabbers for Consulting Articles

  1. Man the Line – Get to the point quickly and support it with valid touch points. If readers object to your viewpoint, make sure they cannot dispute your factual content. An invalid point will give their argument credibility. Solutions that are contrary to popular thinking get read. Leave no loopholes in your solutions.
  2. Easy Rider – Consultants should never elevate themselves above their readership. This is a prospect turnoff. Maintain an easy-to-read, easy-to-digest writing style. If you pontificate, you will alienate your readers. National statistics suggest the modest reading capabilities of the majority of readers. Always write simply and clearly. Avoid catch phrases and generic terms.
  3. Teach While You Write – Good articles bring the reader and prospective client along gradually. Readers do not like to be overwhelmed. Your solutions will be better understood if supported by meaningful information. Verify your sources and cite them in your publications.
  4. Involve the Reader – Successful articles call the reader to action. Present a solution and inform the reader how to take a stand. Linking the reader to a problem and the solution will generate responses and responses are leads. Make sure the effects of problems are clearly described and personalized. Show the reader how the problem relates to their world and how the solution will make their world a better place.
  5. Sustain the Argument – Consultants may want to use the substance of their articles for other presentations. Good articles can be easily shaped for panel discussions or speeches. As you put pen to paper, you may want to imagine making your point to a live audience. This exercise will help you assert your voice.
  6. Answer the Question – If you have taken the time to research a topic, it has caught your attention or the public’s attention. You feel the topic has merit and needs resolution. You must state your case and provide specific answers. Consultants who are vague do not land clients. Make your point and provide solutions.
  7. Promote Your Work – Although your publishing goal is to generate leads for your consultancy, you should not press your services. Instead, create links to other articles and issues that you have resolved. As your articles will always have a contact point, prospective clients will be able to find you. Let your publisher tie the knot between you and your prospects.

And there you have it. Now get down to it and start distributing and publishing your articles!

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