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Case Study

How Ashley Sutterfield Went from a Five-Client Limit to Unlimited Growth Potential

Ashley Sutterfield learned how to generate a consistent income and overcome the five-client growth limit on her business by creating a system with a clear, impactful message for her ideal clients.

Variable Income and Lack of Clarity

Ashley Sutterfield’s company, Metzger & Roth, works with food and beverage entrepreneurs, helping them to find and partner with co-packers. Key to her consulting work is an eight-week program that provides personalized coaching on the best ways to identify, approach, and communicate with the right co-packer.

However, before she worked with Consulting Success, Ashley faced a few key challenges in growing her consulting business. First, due to the way she had packaged and priced her services, she lacked a consistent income. As she put said, “This made it hard to plan for the future because I never knew how much would come in at any particular time.” Second, because all of her work at that time was one-on-one consulting, she had an extremely limited capacity of about five clients. She simply didn’t have enough time to work with more than that.

Third, she struggled to gain clarity about her ideal client. Honing in on her target audience with very specific messaging proved a challenge. But even if she figured out her messaging, she knew that her limited capacity made growth practically impossible. Frustrated and overworked, she began looking for advice, and in the process, she found the Consulting Success blog and podcast.

A Step-by-Step Approach to Growth

Through the blog and podcast, she encountered a lot of practical advice for building and growing a thriving consulting business. “I felt like they were talking directly to me,” she said, “sharing topics that were extremely relevant to my struggles.” The advice she received sparked a lot of great ideas, but Ashley decided she wanted to go even deeper. Finally, she reached out directly and scheduled a strategy call.

According to Ashley, working with Consulting Success proved to be instrumental in overcoming the challenges that had been hindering the growth of her consultancy. She found the step-by-step approach particularly helpful because it enabled her to address challenges systematically.

The most useful advice she received from Consulting Success was how to shift from one-on-one coaching to a productized program that would enable her to move beyond her limited capacity of five clients. This strategy shattered her biggest barrier to growth, as she could now provide consulting services to a much larger group of people.

Unlimited Growth and Peace of Mind

Through coaching calls and group chats, Ashley continues to receive regular feedback that helps her hone her approach. As she put it, “There’s always a takeaway in every conversation that helps me move my business forward.”

In the end, Ashley has learned how to build systems into her business that allow it to grow well beyond her own capacity, and she has clarified her ideal client with a great deal of specificity. And because she has been able to create a system, she is also able to generate a consistent income.

She enjoys the peace of mind of knowing that money will keep coming in and that her product is giving her unlimited room to grow. This, in turn, has given her the resources to hire additional team members who are helping the business grow even more. Indeed, with her current systems, messaging, products, and team, the sky is truly the limit.

“Consulting Success is always looking for ways to add value and create momentum for us,” she said. “They’ve been incredible to work with.”

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