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Consulting Businesses – Starting Your Own

By Consulting Success
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With all the bad press the industry and consulting businesses have got over the years, and being the butt of jokes, you may be wondering why you would want to venture out on your own as a consultant.

Well, there are numerous reasons, and a few are listed here.

Being your own boss
Ask anyone, in any field, what their dream is, long term, for their career, and nearly all of them will tell you “to be my own boss.”

The idea of autonomy is extremely attractive, and becoming a consultant is one way to achieve this dream.

While this does not mean you answer to nobody – your clients become your boss – it does mean that you have a little more freedom and flexibility, as well as the final decision making ability in most situations.

Financial rewards
Although going into business in any field is risky, consulting is one area where capital outlay is relatively low, as it is a service based field, and, depending on your niche whether it be economic consulting or a small business it consultant, this profession can become very lucrative – quickly.

Be careful though not to think starting consulting businesses as a get rich quick opportunity. You will have to work hard to achieve success, as with anything else. You will just get paid a little better for that work!

Professional consultants pride
If you are service oriented (which you should be if you are considering becoming a consultant!) you will gain immeasurable pride and satisfaction from a job well done, a satisfied client, and a problem solved.

Being able to proudly list your achievements on your professional resume is a reward in itself, and coming up with an innovation, or making the news, can do wonders for PR!

Creative opportunities for consultants
Closely linked to autonomy is the potential, as a consultant, to utilize your unique skills and expertise in a creative manner.

No matter what field your consulting businesses focus on, it is your task to come up with creative, cost effective and innovative solutions to your clients’ needs.

Moreover, creativity can be a reward all on its own. Rather than being tied to a repetitive job at a desk in a cubicle you hate, you will have the freedom to meet new people, learn new things, and apply your “out the box” thinking capacity to new tasks, every day.

That sounds like it is worth it to me.

Professional Networking
Not strictly a perk of the profession, but nonetheless a fringe benefit, will be that your professional network will grow with every assignment you undertake.

In addition, in business, it has been proven that the size of your network, and the level of the members within your network, is directly proportionate to the success of your business.

Those are just a few of the benefits of starting your own consulting businesses that I can think of. I am sure if you sit down and make your own list, you will come up with a few more.

Yes, it can be scary to venture out there on your own, but clearly, the rewards can outweigh the risks, and if you think you can make a go of it, why not try it?

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