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From Best Selling Author Michael Zipursky:

Consulting SuccessTM
The proven guide to start, run and grow a successful consulting business

Consulting is a $250 Billion industry and that number continues to grow. With over 700,000 consulting firms how can you stand out and grow a thriving consulting business? This book, shows you how...

Inside you'll discover 11 lessons including:

  • How to position yourself as a leading expert and authority in your marketplace
  • Effective marketing and branding materials that get the attention of your ideal clients
  • Strategies to increase your fees and earn more with every project
  • The proposal template that has generated millions of dollars in consulting engagements
  • How to develop a pipeline of business and attract ideal clients
  • Productivity secrets for consultants including how to get more done in one week than most people do in a month
  • And much, much more
Consulting Success book cover

This is the benchmark for the 'ins and outs' of not just becoming a consultant but becoming a successful consultant. Priceless advice. Highly recommended!"

Paul Larsen

I purchased your book about 4 months ago when I was restructuring and refocusing my business model. In my view this book is an absolute must read for anyone in the consulting & coaching industry. The book is fantastic. It is written in plain and easy to understand language, and is a book that I will refer back to often. This book has given me a whole new lease of life on how to do this, and am now a real convert to value based pricing. If have used the methods and systems explained in the book on several occasions with great success."

Craig Oliver

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You can purchase Consulting Success in both paperback and Kindle versions directly from the Amazon website.

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A goldmine of practical information. The book is well written and provides clear actionable examples you can implement from day one. I liked the real world examples used throughout. A great resource for consultants and I've recommended to other colleagues and friends as well."

Guido Picus

Meet Michael Zipursky

Author of The Elite Consulting Mind

CEO of and coach to elite consultants, Michael has coached and trained more than 6000 consultants from around the world. In this book, Michael identifies the most significant factor in your success: your mindset. Michael shares with you the principles used by himself and the elite consultants he privately coaches that will help you overcome challenges, remove obstacles, and grow your business and success significantly.

Michael Zipursky

The information is presented in clear, easy to follow language and is absolutely chocked full of excellent suggestions and brilliant marketing aids. Would I recommend this material? You bet!"

Victoria Adams

Just dropping you a quick note to tell you 'Thanks!' this was the best money we've ever spent in preparation for launching our consulting practice. We especially appreciate the no-hype, street-level realness that you've put into the book. We continue to study this manual religiously and are discovering your insights to be accurate and very practical. About 7 weeks ago we were overwhelmed with figuring out how and where to start. We never had doubts about our experience and ability, we just didn't know how to translate that into being consultants. Today, however, we are confident and excited for what's about to happen. Thank you!"

Richard & Jocelyn Moore

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You can purchase the Elite Consulting Mind in both paperback and Kindle versions directly from the Amazon website.

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