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Always Deliver the Goods

By Consulting Success
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It is well known that dissatisfied buyers express their discontent to at least 13 other prospective buyers. Satisfied buyers rarely express their contentment because it is expected. Obviously, successful consulting businesses minimize their unhappy clients.

Buyers often reflect that they were oversold by an underachieving consultant. Be cautious about overselling. Only promise what you can deliver. Then, deliver your product unflinchingly.

Follow these keys for effective delivery of your product:

  • The meter is running. When you arrive on site, be ready to work
  • Never disrupt the client’s workplace
  • Be prompt, be timely
  • Have a well organized plan of attack
  • Communicate precisely and carefully
  • Move your recommendations to the forefront

Clients hire consultants because they have a problem they cannot solve themselves. This is the reason consultants have premium value. These clients demand and are entitled to results.

Acknowledge stumbling blocks and dispose of them. Admit mistakes and correct them promptly. Understand that performance is the bottom line, but smooth delivery of top-flight performance separates the professionals form the amateurs.

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