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Case Study

Landing New Clients at Double the Fees

Through the strategies and advice she learned in the Consulting Success® coaching program, Tiffany Rosik was able launch her consultancy, win her first (and second) client, and double her fees!

Laying a Solid Foundation as an Independent Consultant

Tiffany Rosik is the CEO of TGR management consulting, a company that provides technology strategy primarily for medium-sized organizations, guiding them through various aspects of digital transformation, portfolio planning, project risk management, and more.

After leaving her position at a consulting company a few years ago, a couple of mentors encouraged Tiffany to become an independent consultant. “This is your lane,” they said, “and you’re great at it.” But, as Tiffany explained, “They were confident I could do this by myself, but I really didn’t know if I could.” While she was confident in her own expertise, she didn’t know much about working independently, so she began to do research. There was so much to learn: structuring her business and pricing, creating her own referral network and sales pipeline, writing proposals, leveraging social media.

The Power of Imperfect Action

In seeking information online, she came across Consulting Success® and watched a video of Michael talking about putting together a proposal. She was impressed with how helpful and applicable the information was. In her experience, so many experts put out cheap teasers that don’t share any useful content, but Michael was giving away solid advice for free.

Though her consultancy was brand-new, and she didn’t yet have any income, she decided to invest in the consulting course. The value of that investment didn’t take long to start paying off. Of all the strategies she learned at Consulting Success®, two in particular made a huge impact on her business right away. The first one, Tiffany said, was “Stop planning, start doing. Take imperfect action. I’m kind of a planner, a project manager, so I can spin on a plan for a long time.” Fortunately, the advice to take imperfect action helped her beyond the research phase of her business.

Second, she was encouraged in the program to have at least two meaningful conversations every week with clients or prospective clients. This simple goal gave her something to work toward so that she was constantly moving forward and making progress. Indeed, both of these pieces of advice were so meaningful and impactful to her business that they are stuck on her bulletin board to this day, three years after she completed the program.

She also learned how to create an effective outreach program through LinkedIn, which proved to be a big step in her business. As Tiffany says, “I’m an extrovert in person, but an introvert on social media.” Having a simple system for consistently reaching out to people on LinkedIn helped her get over that hurdle.

She began to create meaningful content for her target audience on LinkedIn, providing value to them long before they ever became her clients. Indeed, she recently began creating video content, taking imperfect action to start posting them, rather than obsessing endlessly over production quality.

Gaining her First Client and Doubling Her Fees

According to Tiffany, within four months of launching her independent consultancy, as a direct result of the strategies she learned in the Consulting Success® program, she engaged her first major client. It was a three-month engagement that turned into a nine-month engagement. Soon after, she picked up her second client. At the same time, she gained the confidence to double her fees.

As she put it, “because I was able to lay a good foundation, a plethora of business opportunities opened up in front of me. So many things that I learned through Consulting Success® would have taken me years to learn on my own. The combination of strategies, advice, and encouragement I learned in the program helped me make more progress, become more professional, and feel more confident as I put myself out there.”

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