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Case Study

Growing Revenue and a One Person Company to a Five Person Business

Bluprint Partners went from -2 clients (see why below) to 7 clients within a year of working with Consulting Success® and generated enough revenue to turn a one-person business into a five-person team.

Starting from Zero

Mike Gammarino’s company, Bluprint Partners, helps emergent e-commerce brands build strong operational foundations, with a particular focus on direct-to-consumer logistics, supply chain, and warehousing. As a major part of that work, he helps client companies put together platforms, people, and processes that can scale.

At the time Mike first learned about Consulting Success®, he had plenty of subject matter expertise to share with clients, but as he explained, “I was brand new to consulting and trying to figure out how to write a proposal. I’d never done that before. I was very green in terms of running a consulting business.” His website contained little more than a resume of the work he’d done in the past, but he didn’t yet know how to position his skills and deliverables. What specific problems was he going to solve? What would clients pay for his services? How should he structure his pricing? Was the pool of potential clients large enough that he could make a living out of it? How could he write an effective proposal that showed the real value of his services?

On his own, he could only make educated guesses for each of these questions, but Mike wanted concrete solutions based on real-world consulting experience, and that brought him to Consulting Success®.

Avoiding Bad Habits Early

In speaking about his time in our program, Mike Gammarino’s first words were, “Because of Consulting Success®, I have a successful consulting practice.”

Speaking of his challenges, he said, “When you start out as an independent consultant, there is so much you have to learn. You have to build the entire infrastructure of your business, offerings, and pricing, create all of the processes around your business development, learn how to write proposals, close deals, conduct client outreach and maintenance, and do countless other ancillary tasks in order to keep the business going.”

Mike learned how to do all of these things effectively through the Consulting Success® program, while also developing the right mindset to juggle many different responsibilities without becoming overwhelmed. Indeed, he believes that coming to Consulting Success® early in the life of his business prevented him from developing many of the bad habits that plague struggling consultants.

From Negative to Positive Clients

Just prior to starting with our program, he had, as he put it, “negative-two clients,” because he’d received two referrals and sent out a couple of proposals, both of which he lost. But within a year of working with Consulting Success®, he’d gained seven clients, created a good pipeline, and his one- person business had become a four-person team. Recently, he added a part-time analyst as the fifth member of his team.

As he put it, “Michael and Sam run a great program. It’s not cookie cutter. They meet you where you are, listen well, and provide relevant solutions. They plug you into a community of peers, which is so important if you’re just starting out. You don’t have to figure it all out on your own!”

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