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Case Study

Going from Employee to Independent Consultant

Husain Shekhani was thinking of becoming a consultant for a long time. When he finally decided to make the leap from employee to independent consultant he reached out to Consulting Success® to assist him during this important time.

Becoming an Independent Consultant

Husain Shekhani is the founder and primary consultant for Ultrasonic Advisors, which helps clients in the ultrasonic device industry develop, improve, and optimize their products. In many cases, Husain acts as a “resident expert” of quality control for client companies that don’t have a resident expert on staff.

He came to Consulting Success® early in the life of his business. At the time, he explained, “I had just one client, so I was still working as a full-time employee at another company. I couldn't help thinking that I could provide the same services to other people, but I didn’t have the confidence to go off on my own.”

Without a clear marketing strategy, he feared if he made the move into full-time independent consulting, he might fall flat on his face. He knew he needed help navigating the transition. After all, it can be scary to leave behind a steady income and enter a world where every week carries with it a degree of uncertainty.

Developing the Confidence to Take that Step

At Consulting Success®, he learned mindset strategies to face this transition with confidence. He also learned how to target his messaging for more effective marketing, structure his pricing and fees so the work was profitable, and create compelling proposals. He learned how to attractive prospective clients by providing value through YouTube videos and LinkedIn posts.

He was also plugged into a peer community of consultants. As he put it, “It has been very helpful having other people who can bring up their own experiences, other resources, and ideas for dealing with the challenges of running a business.”

In particular, he learned how to navigate some of the legal complexities of being a consultant, such as non-compete agreements and intellectual property. Through all of this, he gained the confidence he needed to finally step out fully on his own as an independent consultant. He left his full-time position behind and became fully self-employed. Ironically, his former employer soon became one of his clients.

Building a Business from Zero to a Hundred

As Husain put it, “In terms of building my business, Consulting Success® took me from zero to a hundred by giving me the confidence and strategies to finally take that leap of faith into independent consulting. Within three months of starting with them, while I was still in the program, I had three interested buyers. Consulting Success® is the closest thing you can get to a business insurance policy, because they’re always there to provide support and encouragement. Between Michael, Sam, and your coach, you have all of the support you need to accomplish any goal, as long as you’re willing to put in the effort.”

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