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Case Study

How Did Kevin Loeffler Begin Generating Revenue While Increasing His Pricing by More Than 3X Within Three Months?

Through Consulting Success, Kevin Loeffler was able to raise his consulting fees from $15,000 to $50,000 while creating a pipeline of regular prospects and clients for his brand-new consultancy.

Dealing With Lack of Momentum and Methodology

Through his consulting company SalesVelocity, Kevin Loeffler uses his thirty-plus years of sales experience to help the founders of early-stage technology companies increase their market valuation by winning more enterprise sales.

He also helps them put together sales teams and maximize the return they get from their salespeople.

Unfortunately, in building his consultancy, Kevin faced a big challenge.

Even though he had thirty years of experience in sales, he was brand new to consulting so he didn’t yet have any clients.

In trying to attract prospects, he found himself spending a lot of time doing things that didn’t produce revenue.

He had put together some offerings, and he was reaching out to people, but he lacked an effective methodology or framework for winning business.

He had invested everything into his consultancy, but he just didn’t know how to get it going.

Kevin’s Start to Generating Revenue

Kevin knew he needed help. He had been receiving emails from Consulting Success on a regular basis for a couple of years, and he found that they were providing a lot of useful information.

So, he finally decided to sign up for the Momentum course for early-stage consultants at Consulting Success.

Through the course, he learned some important strategies, including how to create magnetic messaging to attract clients.

With better messaging, he finally started getting some good responses from prospects, but he was still struggling to figure out how to translate those responses into an actual revenue stream.

Indeed, up to this point, Kevin had been a non-revenue-generating company, and he knew something had to change fast.

He didn’t have another job to fall back on. He had to make this work.

Kevin then took his next step and joined the Clarity Coaching program.

As Kevin said, “I realized I could do nothing and find myself in the same spot in three months, or I could invest in the Clarity Coaching program, put everything I had into it, and find out what I really needed to know to grow my business.”

It proved to be a very wise decision.

Through the Clarity Coaching program, he learned how to create a healthy pipeline of high- value prospects for his consultancy.

He learned how to refine his offerings, improve his email campaigns, redesign his LinkedIn profile, and sharpen his value proposition in a way that communicated the real value of what he had to offer.

He also raised his prices by more than 3X. Formerly, his basic offering cost $15,000, but he raised it to $50,000.

Creating Reliable Revenue and Signing Big Lucrative Contracts

Because the value of his offering was so much clearer, and his messaging so much more effective, prospects began to respond with enthusiasm.

After all, charging $50,000 to help the founder of an early-stage tech company raise their valuation by millions of dollars is clearly a smart investment.

Kevin joined Clarity Coaching in December. In January, he signed his first big contract with a client.

By February, he was generating $5,000 a month in revenue. Three months later, he had grown this to $8,000 a month, and the upward trend continues to this day.

In working with the team at Consulting Success, Kevin Loeffler had this to say: “They’re very approachable, and they actually care about how you’re doing. They’re so easy to work with, and they go above and beyond to help you meet your goals. They really become your cheerleaders. I couldn’t be happier with my time at Consulting Success.”

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