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Case Study

How Tony Velasquez Increased His Revenue by 4X and Built a Stellar Consulting Team

Through Consulting Success, Tony Velasquez of Angelus Advisors learned how to structure his business, offerings, pricing, and messaging so he could achieve and surpass his goal of 200% revenue growth.

The Many Frustrations of a Solo Consultant

Tony Velazquez is the CEO of Angelus Advisors, which provides guidance on ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software for large-scale Fortune 500 companies.

ERP software gives users a single platform through which companies can do a variety of business functions, but they can be quite complex.

Therefore, Angelus helps their client companies identify the best systems for their needs, then guides them through implementation.

As Tony explains, “We work with companies to identify the platforms and systems they currently use and help them identify the platforms and systems they should use tomorrow.”

But implementing a new ERP platform is about more than just learning new software. Companies also have to create new business processes, use change management, and train their team.

Therefore, Angelus offers project management to ensure that the system gets up and running according to the company’s preferred timeline and within a set budget, and they help ongoing clients who are already live by supporting their business processes with a variety of dedicated products and services. “I am their dedicated resource,” Tony says.

In his previous career, Tony spent more than twenty-five years in project management, with the last ten years dedicated solely to implementing a specific ERP platform. Seeing the challenges that many client companies faced when trying to select, implement, and optimize ERP, he decided five years ago to begin sharing his expertise as a solo consultant. Anyone who has tried to start a business as a solo consultant can attest to the unique set of challenges and frustrations it presents.

One Email Changed Everything

Though Tony had acquired many years of deep expertise and experience with ERP platforms and project management, he had a lot of questions about building a consulting business.

How could he effectively transform his expertise into a suite of offerings that would sustain a business?

How could he craft impactful messaging that would attract the right audience?

How should he set his pricing, structure his offerings, and get the word out?

And could he grow his business enough that he would be able to add other team members?

It felt like he was working really hard all the time, but he didn’t always know if he was taking the right actions.

In seeking answers to these questions and others, Tony signed up to get regular emails from Consulting Success.

At first, he was so busy trying to get his consultancy off the ground that he didn’t really pay attention to the e-newsletters.

However, very late one night, when he was particularly frustrated, a specific message in an e-newsletter caught his attention and resonated strongly with some of the questions he was trying to answer.

This email mentioned a training program at Consulting Success, and Tony decided to take the plunge.

As Tony put it, “I finally said, ‘Let me do this.” And I’m so glad I did because [the program] really changed what I’m focused on.”

Through the Clarity Coaching program Tony learned how to clarify his business goals and align everything toward achieving them.

He discovered how to structure his product and service offerings and price them to communicate clear value to his ideal clients.

“Now, I have very clear services and offerings, which I didn’t have before,” he says. Consulting Success also guided him in refining his message to make it more impactful to the right audience.

Surpassing His Consulting Growth Goal

His initial hope when he joined the Clarity Coaching program was that he might 2X his revenue, but after just a few short months, he actually surpassed his original goal, achieving 2.5X revenue growth. A year later, he is approaching 4X revenue growth.

As a result of his growth, he was able to grow beyond a solo consultancy by adding full- time employees.

Now, he can put together customized teams made up of both his own employees and subcontractors to provide exactly the kind of help individual clients need. Maybe they need a project manager, or an integrations expert, or a functional consultant, or a payroll expert. Whatever the case, there will be experts on the team who can meet the need.

According to Tony, “Working with Consulting Success has been great. They’ve taught me so much about the importance of setting aside time for learning and training, and they’ve given me the opportunity to connect with other consultants. As a result, I am constantly improving. If you’re a consultant who wants to structure your business and grow, then I highly recommend Consulting Success. Even if you’re not a consultant yet, but you’re thinking about it, they can ‘light the way’ through their coaching and training programs. And you’ll meet some really nice people, too.”

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