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Case Study

How Larissa Increased Her Prices 5X While Adding More Clients Without Working More Hours

Through Consulting Success, Larissa Stoddart learned how to productize her services, providing more value to clients in less time, while raising the price of her services 5X or more!

Not Enough Hours in the Week

Through her company Growth & Co, Larissa Stoddart teaches charities and nonprofits how to raise money. To do that, she provides her clients with a training and coaching program that walks them through twelve modules of content on raising money for their organization, creating a fundraising plan, putting an information management system into place, finding prospects, and asking those prospects for money.

However, Larissa faced a familiar and frustrating challenge that hinders many consultants. As she put it, “I wanted to grow my business, but I was running out of hours to serve more clients.” This put a hard-cap on her growth potential, and she couldn’t figure out how to get around it. “Somehow,” she said, “I needed to find a way to reduce the number of hours it took to give my clients the value they needed.”

Learning A Better Business Model

In looking for consulting resources, she came across the Consulting Success podcast, and she became a regular listener. Through the podcast, she learned about the concept of productized business models, and she realized this was the solution she’d been looking for. By productizing her business model, she could provide more value to clients in less time, which would create more room for growth.

She signed up for the Consulting Success program. “My experience with the program has been great,” she said. “They walked me step-by-step through the process of restructuring my business model in the exact way I expected them to.” This enabled her to repackage her services so that she was giving more value to clients while working fewer hours. As a result, she was able to break through the growth limit and take on more clients.

More Value and More Revenue in Less Time

She also learned how to communicate the value of her services more clearly and impactfully, which enabled her to increase what she charges clients five times or more. In doing so, she finally hit her own revenue goal, a goal that she had struggled to attain over four years of hard work before coming to Consulting Success.

As Larissa put it, “Consultants struggle a lot when they start out on their own. It takes them a long time to figure out how to make money, provide value to clients, and improve their service offerings—in other words, how to become a good consultant. I really believe Consulting Success addresses all of these needs. If people would sign up for their program earlier in their consulting business, they would make a lot more money and give clients a much better experience much sooner. They would build a better reputation and a better business and grow a lot faster. I wished I had signed up a lot sooner than I did.”

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