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Case Study

How David Lee Doubled His Consulting Revenue Within 60 Days and Added 6 Clients

David Lee of Health Collaboration Partners doubled his monthly revenue and grew from one client to seven clients within two months of launching his consultancy due to strategies learned in the Clarity Coaching program.

Struggling to Put His Best Foot Forward

After thirty years of experience in the healthcare field, mostly on the nonprofit side, David Lee launched his consultancy, Health Collaboration Partners, to help clients optimize their fundraising pitches to biopharma companies. He also uses his expertise to build stronger multi-stakeholder coalitions across the private sector, nonprofits, specialty societies, and government agencies.

However, even with years of experience and expertise, he quickly found that there are many challenges to launching a solo consultancy. In particular, he wasn’t sure about his messaging or how to price his services. It all seemed quite overwhelming. David wanted to put his best foot forward, so he began looking for advice.

Through a simple Amazon search, he came across a book written by Michael Zipursky, which led him to the Consulting Success website and the Clarity Coaching program. In reading case studies, he was impressed with the program’s systematic approach, so he decided to invest his time and resources into the program in order to put his consultancy in the best position for growth.

At the time he began working with Consulting Success, he had one client who had signed a contract, and he was just about to begin working with them. But he had little idea how to market himself beyond that first client. He couldn’t rely on just one client to keep his consultancy going, so he learned how to diversify by defining his ideal client and how to have effective conversations with them. It’s one thing to possess deep expertise, but another thing entirely to know how to market your expertise well.

Overcoming the Mental Hurdles

Through the Clarity Coaching program, he found a community of consultants who helped him refine his messaging, including the description of his business and services used in his marketing materials. His coach gently pushed him beyond his comfort zone. Being a Midwesterner at heart, David had an aversion to anything that smacked of bragging, but instinctive modesty hindered him from communicating the real value of what he had to offer. Clarity Coaching helped him overcome that mental hurdle, which gave him much greater confidence when talking to potential clients.

For example, in regard to his LinkedIn profile, his coach told him, “You’re burying the lead in paragraph four.” Indeed, he had included a throwaway line in the fourth paragraph that said, “I’ve raised $50 million over the course of my career.” It was a key part of his message that placed a concrete value on the expertise and skillset he had to offer. David was encouraged to make it the headline of his profile.

For pricing, he was encouraged to shift from charging by the hour to setting retainer- and project-based fees in order to protect himself from being overworked while maximizing his revenue. He also gained valuable insight on setting prices for his services based on the real value he could deliver to clients.

From One Client to Seven Clients

The official launch date for his consultancy was August 1, 2021, and within just a couple of months, David grew from one client to seven clients, and he doubled his monthly revenue, by using the techniques he learned through Clarity Coaching.

At the same time, as a solo consultant, he greatly appreciates the community he is now plugged into, where he is able to share experiences, ask questions, and learn from the examples of consultants who have been in the game longer than him. As he put it, “They are teaching me to focus my time and energy on ‘$1,000 an hour’ tasks instead of ‘$100 an hour’ work, so I’m always driving the most value to my business.”

Though he is still in the early stages of building his consultancy, David feels excited about the growth and progress he has already made. He has, indeed, put his best foot forward, and the future is filled with potential.

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