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How Consultants Can Win Government Contracts

By Michael Zipursky

Inc Magazine has a nice article up about winning government contracts.

This is a huge source of business for consultants and companies if you k now how to play the game.

Here’s a summary of the tips:

Start small. Get started with a small project you can handle as governments will look to past project success as a deciding factor.

Do your research. There are several ways you can do this. Hit the internet, get access to databases and bid lists. Put simply, find out as much as you can about the project.

Don’t give up. On average it takes 2 years for contractors and consultants to win their first bid. Be persistent and keep working at it – the pay days can be sizable.

Guanxi and kankei. That’s relationships in Chinese and Japanese … a little bit of culture sharing never hurt… anyways I digress. It all comes down to relationships. Get to know people in the government or others that are connected to the public sector in one way or another. Who you know does play a factor.

For the full read head on over to Inc’s site.

6 thoughts on “How Consultants Can Win Government Contracts

  1. This is a very good article and for one of my businesses this is so true – once you can get a foot-hold with a government then you can move forward and get more work from them – this also gives you better leverage for non-government clients, thereby giving them confidence in your business.

  2. another resource — a video of Dendy Young, former chair and CEO of GTSI, one of the nation’s largest suppliers to the Government, discuss the ups, downs and surprises and results from working with the government. Go to, which is currently password protected — use as password: nuuk020 — use the search box at the top right hand page, type in “Dendy Young” and you’ll find his video — informative — hope it’s helpful

  3. Guest says:

    I’m what I call a government contractor by mishap. I was a consultant for a firm which landed a government contract and I have built up these relationships. My field of expertise is operations consulting and EMR (Electronic Medical Records) consulting. How do you go about getting more work and more importantly leveraging connections from one county government in another when they tend to not know eachother?

  4. Celine says:

    Surely, that one about “not giving up” does it… Successful businesses don’t quit! Thumbs up! I find more inspiration in government contracting by reading posts at www. headexposed. com. I hope you find it inspiring too!

  5. Barbara Yeager says:

    This is an excellent cue for business consulting company. For the last 10 years, i have been doing the business for a company, I am now thinking on starting my own now. Thanks for such good information.

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