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How to Avoid the Marketing Rollercoaster and Attract Ideal Clients

By Michael Zipursky
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You’ve landed a consulting project. You’re excited about the work and the project is running smoothly.

Now the project is winding down and you’re anxious. You’re feeling uneasy. Why? Because you don’t know where you’re next project or client is going to come from.

Sound familiar? This is not at all unusual.

Many of the consultants who join our Clarity Coaching Program are in this exact position.

They are tired of riding the client rollercoaster.

One minute you’re feeling at the top of the world. You’re busy with work and the income is flowing in.

The next minute you’re scrambling to find your next client and paycheck.

Work On the Business, Not Only In the Business

One common reason this happens is because people spend all their time working in their business.

Every month that goes by without landing a client it costs you money.

They are busy delivering on the client project and don’t create enough time to work on the business.

If you don’t work on the business you won’t have a business for very long.

What About Referrals?

Referrals aren’t enough.

You may have started your consulting business with some business from your network.

Maybe you’ve even had enough referrals at your back to allow you to coast along for a few years.

The trouble with relying on referrals and your network is that at some point it dries up.

And if you’re not taking steps right now to prepare for that by working on your marketing you’re in for a painful experience.

The Cost of Inaction

The time it takes to find a new project can be significant for some.

If you’re lucky it’s weeks. For most it can be months.

Every month that goes by without landing a client it costs you money.

Money that’s sitting on the table of opportunity. It can be yours, but only if you’re going after it.

If your average client project is $50k and 2-3 months goes by without landing a new client that could cost you $100,000 in lost opportunity.

More Than Money

It goes beyond money. If you’re like most of the consultants I work with it’s not only about the income.

Having a thriving and successful consulting business is about the freedom and flexibility it offers.

You consider going from a place of being your own boss and creating your own destiny to taking whatever you can and leaving your destiny to someone else.

It’s about being your own boss, choosing who you want to work with and the unlimited income earning potential.

If you don’t have enough clients you don’t have a real business that allows you to achieve all of the above.

Then there’s the mind game that goes on.

You start doubting yourself and your abilities.

You wonder if you should just take another full-time job.

You consider going from a place of being your own boss and creating your own destiny to taking whatever you can and leaving your destiny to someone else.

Solution to More Clients

The most successful consultants all have one thing in common. They don’t rely on referrals or anyone else for their success.

They all have a marketing system and process that consistently attracts qualified leads and opportunities.

A system that puts their well-honed message in front of their ideal clients and instantly resonates with them.

The result: real buyers take notice and they raise their hand and say “I’d like to learn more about that, let’s talk.”

You’ll have a pipeline full of opportunities with high-value clients.

People that are interested in you and your expertise and want to talk with you.

The sooner you start working on your marketing and put a system like this in place the sooner you’ll start seeing results.

The faster you’ll attract ideal clients and grow your revenue.

This is how you build a sustainable and profitable consulting business.

You don’t wait for the perfect time and you don’t rely on referrals or your network.

You take control of your destiny and success and go after it. That’s how you make things happen.

Want Help Building Your Marketing System?

If you’re a consultant with real expertise and want help getting in front of more ideal clients, let’s talk.

The Clarity Coaching Program helps consultants develop a Marketing Engine that consistently attracts ideal clients and teaches you how to communicate greater value and earn higher fees.

For full details and to apply visit: Clarity Coaching Program

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