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How to Grow a Consulting Business By 400% and More

By Michael Zipursky
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I clearly remember the decision I made to change the focus of one of my businesses.

That business was bringing in about $10,000/mo on a pretty consistent basis. I wanted to take it to the next level, and I knew things had to change.

I do however believe that if you change your mindset and start focusing on the right things in your business you can see significant results.

I invested (a lot of money) in some mentoring and coaching and made a strategic change in direction of that business. Last month that business brought in over $54,000 in one month. It will continue to generate $40,000 to $50,000 or so each month. Until we take the next steps to grow it further.

The increase came not only from the coaching and mentoring I invested in though. It also came from a change in my mindset.

Your mindset has a huge impact on your success.

No, I’m not getting all spiritual on you. I’m not preaching that if you tell yourself you’re going to make money it somehow magically starts coming to you. I don’t believe in that.

I do however believe that if you change your mindset and start focusing on the right things in your business you can see significant results.

On a recent call with one of the consultants (for confidentiality I’ll call him John) in my coaching program, we mapped out some strategic shifts for John to make. And now he’ll add an extra $120,000 to his income this year as a result. Maybe more.

Not only that, he won’t have to work anymore than before.

John started only 1 year ago. He went from making $3000 a month to $12,000 a month in less than 12 months. This year John expects to do over $200,000. My bet is that he’ll actually get closer to $275,000.

Of course John is good at what he does. He knows how to get his clients results. He also made the decision to believe in himself and invest in getting coaching and support to reach his goals quickly.

Not everyone will see results like these so fast. Though many of the consultants I work with are able to double, even triple their incomes.

If you want to achieve these types of results, I suggest you follow these steps:

  1. Figure out what change you need to make in your business to reach your financial and personal goals
  2. Decide who can guide you on the fastest way to reach those results (this can be a mentor, coach or friend – just make sure that whoever it is, they have the experience and track-record to really help you)
  3. Make the decision to invest in yourself and your business
  4. Put your plan into action and don’t waiver from it

If you want to start landing more clients, increasing your income and grow your consulting business, and if you believe you’d be a good fit for my coaching program for consultants, claim one of the 4 free strategy calls I’m offering this month.

Wishing you great success!

Michael Zipursky is the CEO of He is an expert in working with consultants and consulting firm owners to create marketing systems that consistently attract ideal clients, significantly your increase fees and position you as an authority in your industry. Michael is the author of the Consulting Success System and four other consulting books. His work has been featured in MarketingProfs, Institute of Management Consulting, Consultant News, Huffington Post, Marketing Magazine, Maclean’s and many other publications. Michael personally runs the Clarity Coaching Program where he guides consultants step-by-step to create their own marketing system to attract clients and grow revenues by 200-300% or more.

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