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How We Can All Profit from Pain

By Michael Zipursky
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Have you identified your ideal buyer’s true pain?

Michael Bosworth, author of Solution Selling, writes that “[only] once a buyer admits pain to a seller, the real selling begins.”

Your job, before you even begin marketing, is to figure out the most pressing and painful issue your ideal clients are facing.

Many consultants focus on value. And value is critical. But if you’re providing value where it’s not needed and appreciated most, it often is a waste.

Your job, before you even begin marketing, is to figure out the most pressing and painful issue your ideal clients are facing.

Let me offer you an example…

Tom is a business owner. He’s hungry and determined to grow his business. But right now, he’s in great discomfort. Tom has a bad back and it just went out on him. Anyone who’s experienced this knows how much it can hurt.

Now imagine that Tom is watching TV. Commercial #1 comes on. It’s for a new marketing automation tool that has been proven to increase sales. There’s even a free trial offered.

Now commercial #2 comes on. It’s from a massage clinic in Tom’s local area. They specialize in helping patients with extreme back pain and they’re offering a free initial consultation. All Tom needs to do is call them and discuss his situation.

Both of these offers provide value to Tom. He would likely have interest in both, right? But which commercial do you think really got Tom’s attention? Which one is he thinking about most?

Commercial #2 has won Tom’s attention and interest. It spoke directly to the pain that he has. Sure, there is value in the marketing automation tool. But the biggest pain Tom has right NOW that he needs a solution for is his back.

This marketing principle applies to all industries. It works whether you’re running advertisements, making offers online or are doing in-person selling.

Question: What is your ideal clients’ biggest pain and how can you help them solve it?

As soon as you figure that out, you’ll win their attention and interest.

If you’d like help figuring out the most effective way to do this quickly so that your business can start benefiting from it, take a look and see if you qualify for one of four coaching calls I’m giving away.

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