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Case Study

Increasing Your Fees to Earn What You Deserve

Through the mindset shifts and strategies learned at Consulting Success®, Kristen Gallagher was able to grow a standard project from $20,000 to $55,000.

Looking for Network Growth

Kristen Gallagher’s company, Edify, creates software and provides consulting for high-growth technology companies, and for a long time, their growth came primarily from client referrals and word of mouth. As Kristen explains, “I had built out a great network and was getting a lot of business from referrals and word of mouth, but I really wanted to grow beyond my connections and I wasn't sure how to do that.”

She had tried a few things, including an automated LinkedIn process, but nothing seemed to work. She couldn’t figure out how to connect with new people. She had heard the Consulting Success® podcast and read some of our LinkedIn content, so she knew we might have some tips and strategies to help her grow.

A New Approach to Sales

When she got involved with our coaching program, she was surprised that some of the most helpful lessons had to do with developing the right mindset about consulting. In particular, the concept that, as she put it, “Sales is really about making sure that you're adding value for your customers. There’s really no reason to feel uncomfortable about reaching out to someone if you feel like you can add value for them. That mindset change was very helpful for me.”

At the same time, the intensive workshops at Consulting Success® taught her important strategies for reaching people effectively on LinkedIn, using an authentic voice and sharing relevant content with her target audience. Finally, Consulting Success® also encouraged her to raise the contract value of her consulting projects and worked with Kristen step by step to accomplish this successfully.

From $22,000 to $55,000 in a Single Sale

The results of implementing these strategies were almost immediate. Her LinkedIn network began to grow, and she discovered plenty of opportunities to provide value to new prospective clients. By restructuring her fees, she was able to raise the price of a new client project from $20,000 to $55,000—the first of many new projects with great clients.

As Kristen put it, “I really enjoyed working with Consulting Success®. They are very direct and focused with coaching, and the strategies they share are invaluable. At the same time, you get plugged into a network of fellow consultants, so you meet a lot of people who are working hard and sharing their stories. I believe Consulting Success® is particularly well suited for growth-stage companies, because the tips, tactics, and mindset you learn will definitely help you get to the next level.”

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