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Case Study

Lightning-Fast ROI and Amazing Growth

Kristen Ireland and Erin Mies of People Spark Consulting recouped their investment in Consulting Success® with the very first project they signed after implementing the strategies they learned in our program.

An Inefficient Conversion Process

After years of working in Human Resources, Kristen Ireland and Erin Mies observed that companies spend too much time and effort on HR activities that don’t advance their businesses.

They started People Spark Consulting in 2018 with the intention of using their expertise and experience to help businesses focus their HR strategies more effectively, moving beyond “process for the sake of process” or mere compliance to those activities that truly make a difference in retaining employees and driving business goals.

With a focus on small to mid-sized businesses in the agricultural and food industries, they began reaching out to prospects.

As they built their consultancy, however, they encountered a few specific challenges. First, they realized they needed a more streamlined and effective conversion process.

They had designed a process that used an assessment to guide prospects from discovery to conversion, but it wasn’t working as well as they’d hoped. Second, they needed to define their prospects more clearly and create a more consistent process for following up with them.

As they explained, “Overall, we just needed a more solid consulting process with our clients: from prospecting through the discovery offer into strategic projects.”

A Straightforward, Practical Approach

They knew that if they wanted to overcome these hurdles and continue to grow their business, they would need to hire a B2B coach who could show them the way forward.

As it turned out, they’d listened to the Consulting Success® podcast for a while, and they appreciated our straightforward, practical approach. Finally, they decided to take the plunge, so they joined our program and dove right in.

Through the coaching at Consulting Success®, they learned how to truly value the work they do for clients and how to more effectively communicate that value. They gained insight for creating an effective conversion process with a clear focus and more professional approach. They also learned how to create a better pricing structure as part of a cleaner and more streamlined assessment process.

As they put it, “We were exposed to, and began to participate in, a community of consultants who helped us solidify our process to create a more professional approach.”

Immediate ROI and Amazing Growth

When they implemented these changes in their consultancy, they saw results right away. The very first assessment they conducted with their new process and pricing structure led to a lucrative client project that recouped the entire investment they’d made in joining Consulting Success®.

They went from prospect email to phone call to signed agreement within a day, an ideal flow with no hiccups or hindrances.

When they’d joined Consulting Success®, they were already a month into the second quarter, and it hadn’t been a lucrative time for the business.

However, by the end of the quarter, they’d turned things around to such a degree that it became the second-highest quarter revenue in the history of their business.

Indeed, a single month finished as strongly as their entire first quarter.

Kristen and Erin attribute their amazing growth to the straightforward advice and encouragement they received from Consulting Success®.

As they put it, “I felt like the whole Consulting Success team was truly invested in us both as individuals and as a business. They are incredibly encouraging and very genuine. If you can’t tell, we’re huge fans!”

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