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Case Study

How John Added $5000/Month Within Weeks and Is On Track to 10X His Business

Through Consulting Success, John Sherk learned how to refine his focus, hone his message, and scale his business, generating an additional $5,000 in reliable monthly income within a few weeks.

A Dream to Scale

Through his company, Operations Laboratory, John Sherk helps the owners of HVAC companies to exit or retire without all of the drama or risk that is usually involved in the process. When he first became a consultant, he explained, “I knew what to do as a consultant, but I didn’t know anything about marketing myself.”

Initially, thinking he should reach as broadly as possible, he had clients from a number of industries, including radio stations, banks, insurance companies, and a few air conditioning companies. This made his marketing and messaging particularly challenging because his target audience was so broad that it was difficult to speak pointedly to any of them. Nevertheless, he managed to acquire six clients on retainer, which brought in a decent monthly income. For several years, he lived an exciting life in the French Quarter of New Orleans, did well in his business, and operated mostly on autopilot.

However, John began thinking about the future. He was ready to ditch the single life, get married, and settle down. To do that, he really needed to figure out how to scale his company. Operating on auto-pilot could no longer satisfy his future goals.

As he explained, “It became clear to me that I needed a few high-ticket clients combined with a smaller-ticket cohort group.” He also needed a clearer focus so he could refine his messaging. He had a particular interest in HVAC because his grandfather had been an air conditioning technician for many years.

A Clear, Straightforward Approach

The need to refine his focus became even more important during the COVID pandemic, as he switched from in-person meetings to Zoom calls. He knew what he needed to do, at least in terms of the broad strokes, and he had clear goals in mind. However, the transformation of his business seemed daunting, so he went looking for help.

He had seen some online content from Consulting Success, and it piqued his interest. So when he received an email from Michael inviting him to a two-day workshop, he decided to accept the invitation. He’d tried some other business coaches in the past, but the results had always been sorely lacking. Consequently, he came to the workshop somewhat cynical. However, the advice he received from Michael was genuinely helpful, and he appreciated the straightforward approach and lack of ego. He’d only attended one day of the two-day workshop when he decided to join the Consulting Success program.

John said, “Being in the program took me step-by-step all the way through the process of transformation and did it really quickly.” Before, if he had one inbound sales call a month, he thought he was doing good enough. However, Consulting Success showed him how to refine his focus, “niche down,” and clarify his positioning statement. Now, as a direct result, he averages at least five inbound sales calls on a slow week.

Poised for Amazing Revenue Growth

“Michael and Sam don’t waste your time,” John says. “They’re clear, focused, and to the point. If you have a question, they give you an answer right away. They are 100 percent committed to solving your problems!”

Within a month of launching his transformed consultancy, John has acquired fourteen new clients, which he attributes directly to the lessons learned through Consulting Success. He has increased his monthly income by about $5,000, but he is on track to increase it by $50,000 to $100,000 a month within the next year or two.

In conclusion, John says, “I’ve tried a few coaching programs in the past, and this is the first one that really worked!”

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