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Your Internet Face or Web Presence

By Consulting Success
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When prospective clients go to your consulting business’s website, they have some expectations. Their eyes are open. There is an air of anticipation and hope. Chances are they have been disappointed by other business websites before. When those prospects enter your site, they begin to shape an opinion about your consulting services. Like it or not, your web site can increase or decrease the number of leads you get.

Serious prospective clients study your site with interest. They are performing due diligence and assessing your viability as a consulting company. Persons that walk through your internet doors are analyzing you just as you scrutinize that new retail outlet.

The first thing your consulting business blog or website needs to accomplish is extend the “Welcome Sign.” Make sure the site loads quickly. Clients have no patience for sites that are slow to open. When the site opens, capture the client’s attention with representative design and strong content. Know what they want to see and put it on the first page.

What Clients Do Not Want To See
Most clients are internet savvy and have used the internet for research before. They know what they like. They also know what they do not like. Prospective clients look skeptically at sites that have the following attributes:

  • Flashy Storefronts – Site developers like the glitzy, new tech flashiness more than actual buyers. Clients for consulting services want to get to the product and the value and shy away from distractions.
  • Meaningless Graphics – Generic images that do not relate to your specific product or value are a waste of everyone’s time. If images do not represent your consulting practice, do not use them.
  • Poor or Outdated Design – Clients have expectations. They know what content they will read and they skip the fluff. They expect speed and they expect professionalism. Your design must not detract from your product, your value or your message.
  • Overkill – The most common error of web sites is over promotion. Deliver your attributes in well scripted, concise posts. Avoid repetition. Be sure to post content that is client-oriented, relevant and current. Build a resource for the client and they will come.
  • Poor navigation – Make sure your site is easy to navigate and that all pages are appropriately titled.
  • Poor Grammar – Bad grammar, poor spelling and poor writing eliminate consultancy candidacies quickly. If you need a writer or an editor, outsource these services. Retain final draft approval, but your web presence must exhibit effective communication skills.

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