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Case Study

Increased Revenue by 30% and the Power of the Consulting Community

Within a few short months of launching his independent consulting business, Scott Payne was able to increase his revenue by as much as 30 percent through the strategies he learned from Consulting Success®.

Inspired to Be Independent

Scott Payne of SDP Solutions is a lead management consultant working primarily with mortgage companies to help them manage their prospects. He was in the corporate world for fifteen years prior to becoming a full-time consultant. For most of that time, he was employed in a call center for one of the largest mortgage companies in the world, where he was in charge of lead analytics and lead distribution. Afterward, he worked for Velocify, which produces lead generation software used by the top mortgage companies in the United States. Along the way, Scott acquired deep expertise in his field and acquired a lot of good contacts throughout the industry.

As Scott explained, “I had long been considering going into business for myself as a consultant to work with many of these companies and help them with the types of things I’m really passionate about.” He knew he could take the expertise he’d gained and the contacts he’d acquired and help companies strategize their outreach and follow-up more effectively. Finally, he spoke to a friend of his who had worked as a consultant for twelve years, and his friend encouraged him to pursue his dream.

“There’s a huge need for your area of expertise,” his friend said. “You would be extremely busy.” Scott was inspired to finally take a step into independent consulting, but he wasn’t quite sure where to begin.

Gaining Clarity and Focus for a New Business

During a drive from Dallas to Kansas City, he decided to listen to some relevant podcasts, so he typed “consulting” into the search bar, and the Consulting Success® podcast popped up. He listened to an episode, and it piqued his interest, so he kept listening. By the time he reached Kansas City, he’d listened to fifteen episodes in a row. “I just could not get enough,” he said. This was everything he wanted to know about starting his own consulting business!

Shortly thereafter, he signed up for the Consulting Success® newsletter and was surprised at how relevant and actionable every article was to his new business venture. In fact, he says that the content was often so timely that it felt like we were reading his mind. He launched his business in July of 2019, and by August, he reached out to us, made contact, and joined our Clarity Coaching Program.

Increased Revenue and a Thriving Consultancy

According to Scott, “I worked for a large Fortune 500 company for many years, and when you work for a company like that, you always have people and resources available to bounce ideas off of.” He no longer had other departments to provide ideas, feedback, and support, but Consulting Success® helped to fill that void for him. In fact, he said, “The Clarity lessons often felt like therapy sessions.” They helped him work through the challenges and frustrations of getting his consultancy off the ground.

In the program, he also learned a lot of great strategy ideas that helped him maintain the right mindset, focus on his ideal client, clarify the value he provided for them, and structure his pricing. It didn’t take long to start gaining momentum in his business. In fact, by the sixth week of the Clarity Program, he had already acquired so much client work that he now had to figure out how to avoid get stressed out. Fortunately, he also learned mindset strategies that helped him focus on his long- term success without feeling overwhelmed.

In the end, as a direct result of what he learned through Consulting Success®, he was able to grow his business, maintain a healthy focus, and communicate his value clearly, which enabled him to increase his revenue by as much as 30 percent within just a few short months.

Here's what Scott has to say about how what he learned in the program continues to help his business thrive:

"Just a quick note of appreciation for the help that you provided me early on with my business. I’m up to 5 full-time employees (actual W-2 employees) and have such a great team of people that I get to spend 95% of my time working “on” the business instead of “in” the business like I used to. Honestly don’t know where I’d be without your team’s help and guidance to push me in this direction."

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