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Case Study

How Did Vanessa Increase Her Revenue by 30% and Build Better Systems

Through Consulting Success, Vanessa Bennett of Next Evolution Performance learned how to create streamlined processes, clear and impactful messaging, and a better sales funnel that would take her profitable business to the next level.

The Burden of Bespoke Processes

Through her company Next Evolution Performance, Vanessa Bennett and her business partner Alex Davides, use neuroscience to help driven business leaders improve their productivity, energy, profitability, and staff retention, while avoiding burnout. Before she came to Consulting Success, her company was already experiencing success, so why would she seek help?

According to Vanessa, “We wanted to really shorten the time it takes to get people who are attracted to us to become clients. We didn’t have a good sales funnel set up, so we were a bit haphazard with a lot of our processes.”

The company has a lot to offer clients, but they hadn’t systemized much of what they do, including things like writing proposals, putting offers together, and moving clients through their onboarding process. As Vanessa put it, “Everything was tailored to individual clients and bespoke, which made it quite time-consuming for each client.”

Streamlined Processes Lead to More Revenue

While the business was doing great, they wanted to spend less time getting clients across the line and into the community, which would enable them to spend more time on providing value and growing their business.

Fortunately, Vanessa heard about Consulting Success through a podcast, and then reached out. “We wanted a coaching program that had a global focus because we have clients everywhere,” Vanessa explained. “We also wanted it to be purely focused on consultants, and who could help consultants who were already at a certain level…Consulting Success ticked all of the right boxes.”

Through Consulting Success, Vanessa and her team learned how to streamline their processes, create an efficient sales funnel, and get very clear on their messaging and ideal client.

They discovered best practices for creating processes that would shorten the amount of time it took to get clients into their community and deliver value to them. As a result, according to Vanessa, “We’re already up 30% on our revenue compared to last year.”

A Helpful and Useful Coach and Community

More than the results, however, Vanessa has enjoyed being involved with Consulting Success, particularly being plugged into a global community of consultants who can share their experiences and ideas.

In talking about her own experience at Consulting Success, Vanessa said, “Our coach has been fantastic in giving us a framework that is tailored to our needs. He has helped us start to move the dial on our business. Having expert coaches to help you along the way, a community and coaching forum, and being able to pose questions and get feedback within twenty-four hours, even though we’re in Australia—all of this has been very helpful and useful.”

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