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Case Study

How Michele Benton Went from Solo Consultant to CEO Leading a Consulting Team and Achieved a 300%+ ROI

Through Consulting Success, Michele Benton learned how to narrow her focus and streamline her business, so she could break through a hard growth ceiling without working a million hours a week!

The Problem of Reaching Capacity

Michele Benton is the founder and CEO of Lime, a marketing strategy and capabilities consultancy that focuses on the life sciences industry.

Through training courses, transformational programs, and leadership culture building, Lime helps their companies better understand their customers in the marketplace and develop more effective go-to-market strategies for reaching them in today's fast-paced global, social, and digital world.

Michele’s company has grown and thrived, but she ran into a particular problem: She was at capacity. She had as many clients as she could squeeze into her schedule, which prevented her from growing the business anymore.

As she explained, “Our prices were good. Our clients were superb, but we’d hit a growth ceiling.” Somehow, she needed to find a way to offer her services to more people.

Discovering a Big Game-Changer

She came to Consulting Success looking for help with this particular problem, and we taught her how to put the right systems in place to increase her capacity and scale her business.

At the time, she also had clients from a number of industries, but we encouraged her to target life sciences exclusively. Michele says, “This was a big game-changer. It sounds simple, but making a choice and creating focus opened up more doors of opportunity and growth.”

Through our coaching program, she learned how to take what she was already doing successfully with clients and encapsulate it, scale it, and leverage it for life sciences.

The importance of marketing isn’t always understood in this industry, so there was huge untapped potential. Lime began filling that niche, and doing it in a way that wouldn’t take years to produce results for her clients.

When she first came to Consulting Success, Michele brought with her a little notebook full of questions that she’d written:

“Who’s my target audience? What’s my core offer? What’s my business model? What’s my marketing message?”

She’d been carrying that notebook around for a couple of years, pondering the questions, but once she started working with Consulting Success, she was soon able to answer all of those questions.

She has learned how to meet client needs and grow the business while spending plenty of time with her family and not working a million hours a week.

As she put it, “They helped me to say, ‘Okay, here’s the most important thing I can do first, and then, here’s what I should do next. I can take it in doable steps, and that has transformed the way I work with my team, how I think about myself and my business.”

Achieving a 300%+ ROI

As a result of her newfound focus and streamlined approach, Michele has been able to grow her business by over 50 percent within a year. The growth ceiling is gone, and she has carved off a unique space for Lime to operate.

Michele said, “Consulting Success has a nice variety of resources that can tap into your style. You’re working one-on-one with experts who are wicked smart, have experience, and can be strategic partners for thinking through what you do…I’ve had at least a 300% return on investment from what I invested for Consulting Success, and probably even more than that.”

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