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Making The Right Decisions: Book Review

By Michael Zipursky
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At the end of August I received a review copy of Jim Treliving’s new book, Decisions: Making the Right Ones, Righting the Wrong Ones published by Harper Collins.

Jim is the co-owner of Boston Pizza (Boston’s The Gourmet Pizza in the US) and Mr. Lube, a star on the hit TV series Dragon’s Den and is involved in several other enterprises.

As a consultant, your first impression may be that learning about business from someone who operates over 400 franchises doing sales over a billion dollars a year might not be relevant. In some ways that’s true. Many of the principles you implement in your business on a daily basis as a consultant aren’t the same approach a large enterprise would use.

Yet Treliving’s book offers an education for all.

Jim started off his career working in the oil patch. Then he moved on to become a RCMP officer. His next foray was pizza…and this is where the story starts to get interesting.

Decisions reads more like a novel than it does a business book. Sure, it’s packed with many valuable business lessons. But you won’t find your eyes closing after a few pages…

Jim shares the story of his journey from humble begginings to building an empire in North America.

There are many lessons in this book and the key idea that weaves the story together is that of making good decisions, following your instinct and learning from your mistakes.

One piece of advice I especially liked was:

Rather than mimicking what your competition is doing, it’s better to focus on what you do better, and then decide to spend your energy and money there.

How true! Too many people in business get over obsessive about their competition – to the point it becomes a distraction and actually takes away from your growth.

It’s good to be competitive…but spend more time focusing on making yourself better than worrying what others are doing.

Anyone in business will find value in Decisions.

You can learn more about the book and grab a copy here: Jim Treliving Decisions


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