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Case Study

How Dan Burgos Went from Intermittent Work and Zero Long-Term Clients to Recurring Revenue and A Full Calendar

Through Consulting Success, Dan Burgos learned how to target his ideal clients with impactful messaging, which enabled him to attract and build a base of long-term clients. Before, work was short-term and income sporadic, but now he has regular clients, recurring revenue and Dan is enjoying a growing business and a full client schedule.

Nothing Seemed to Work

Danila “Dan” Burgos is the president and CEO of Alphanova Consulting, which works with US manufacturers to help them increase their profitability through operational improvements. The goal of Alphanova is to increase their clients’ quality and on-time delivery by 99 percent and help them increase their net profits by over 25 percent.

However, while Dan had plenty of expertise, experience, and advice to share, he struggled to figure out how to market his services effectively. As Dan put it, “We tried blogging, we tried cold calling, and nothing was really effective. We would get leads here and there, but it wasn’t consistent, and we weren’t attracting the right type of prospect.”

Additionally, he struggled to make his messaging impactful. As he explained, “Our messaging was ambiguous and unclear, and I’m sure that prevented people from reaching out to us.” As a result, Alphanova got some engagements, but they were always very short in duration. Work was intermittent, so the consultancy wasn’t seeing any traction with their business development.

Learning to Target the Right People

Dan had known about Consulting Success for a number of years through our downloadable content and webinars, and it had long been on his mind to get in touch.

Finally, after a couple of frustrating years trying to grow his business, he decided to reach out to Consulting Success.

He has now been in our program for almost ten months, and he says, “The value I’ve gotten [from the program] is that I now understand how to market my consulting business effectively.. I was targeting the wrong people, so Consulting Success helped me clarify my target market.” Instead of chasing everyone, Dan began focusing on just the clients he wants to work with. He also learned how to make his messaging far more impactful and compelling which has led to more leads and conversations with high-value clients.

Of his experience at Consulting Success, Dan said, “The coaches are very good. They collaborate and offer a lot of support. You can engage in several ways, and all of their material is organized well.” The impact on Alpha Nova has been profound. Before, Dan had no regular ongoing clients. He did only intermittent work, which meant he had no recurring revenue, and there were long gaps in which he made no money.

A Steady Stream of Clients

Now, within less than a year of working with Consulting Success, he has started building out a team to keep up with his full client schedule and the increase in demand he’s experienced for his services. He’s enjoying his growing and stable consulting business.

Dan says, “If you do the work, and take in the learnings, Consulting Success will give you the right foundation, guidance and coaching for creating a very effective marketing system in your consulting business. Follow the advice they provide, and you’ll be well on your way to building the business you’ve always wanted.”

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