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Marketing Mondays: Speaking Strategies for Consultants

By Michael Zipursky

Speaking as a consultant can double your current income. In fact, it can often replace your income completely.

Speakers get anywhere from $500-$25,000 per talk (some more).

As a marketing channel it’s a great way to expand awareness for your consulting services. Share with and help teach others. And make money.

To get started you have to have something to say.

You don’t need to be ‘the best’ in your industry. You just need to really know what you’re talking about.

Once you’ve got that confidence the next step is to decide what it is that you’ll talk about. Put a couple of different ideas for talks.

Next, start approaching different local organizations. Think Rotary clubs, business associations (realtors, doctors, architects, etc), boards of trade, non-profits, etc…and tell them that you’d like to offer a free talk.

Once you’ve done a couple free talks you’ll often be invited to do others that pay you. Even if you don’t get invited right away, you should continue approaching other organizations and offer to talk to their employees or members, this time demonstrating your experience as a speaker, and including your fee for the talk.

Speakers are in demand.

If you’ve got some experience under your belt and testimonials there are plenty of opportunities.

If you’re loving the speaking game and aren’t afraid to travel, the next logical step is to connect with a speakers bureau and have them represent you.

They’ll find you all the speaking gigs you need. They take a cut, but it’s well worth it as they’ll get you into places you never would have imagined exist – or that you would have had a lot of trouble getting into yourself.

Speaking is a great way to market your consulting products and services.

Just this once, don’t stop talking!

10 thoughts on “Marketing Mondays: Speaking Strategies for Consultants

  1. Maria says:

    I use speaking to grow my consulting business very successfully it’s true!

  2. James says:

    When approaching various organizations for speaking engagements, how do you demonstrate credibility as a speaker if you haven’t done it before (although very good at it through Toastmasters training)?

    • James – local (small) organizations are always looking for quality speakers to present at their breakfast or other meetings. You’ll need to show them an outline of what you’ll talk about or send them a report or whitepaper that you’ve created. Once you’ve got your foot in the door and have spoken at once such place, it’ll be a domino effect, and you can use that as a reference for going after new and bigger places to speak at.

  3. Thanks! I’ve actually found a niche in public speaking, but I’m shifting my focus. How do I leverage my past speaking engagements to start to get the sort of speaking engagements I want to have now?

    • Richard – thanks for the comment. That depends on what your new focus is and what you want your new engagements to look like? Need more details to reply.

      • Thanks, Michael. I am an academic, teaching religion. I have taught and spoken publicly on this topic. However, I have a strong passion about learning languages. I would like to speak publicly about the “hows” (techniques) and “whys” (reasons and motivations) for learning languages. For me the connection is obvious, but I’m trying to market myself that can leverage speaking experience from one sphere to another.

  4. E. Reilly says:

    Hi Michael, thanks for the information! I was wondering, if someone pays me to speak at an event what is the average percentage of the speaker fee that goes to the speaker versus their company?

  5. Awesome, I really like this approach. The most helpful was the process leading toward getting paid for speaking. Doing some free talks, landing some experience, more testimonials, and time to refine the talk. then we can ask for payment. That leads me to thinking webinars, web radio talks and maybe even TED.

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