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Case Study

How Earline Lagueruela Doubled Her Revenue While Improving Her Quality of Life

Through the strategies she learned from Consulting Success, Earline Lagueruela honed her focus, clarified her messaging, and made her successful consulting firm even more successful, which doubled her revenue.

Not Taking Success for Granted

Why would a very successful consultant with a successful consulting firm enlist the help of Consulting Success in growing her business? Earline Lagueruela was the first woman to ever run an ad agency in San Antonio back in 1976. After more than thirty successful years, she sold her agency and started a consulting firm to help advertising and communications firms identify and land contracts with the federal government.

Thanks to her experience running her ad agency, Earline already knew how to get clients and take care of them, so her consulting firm soon began to grow and prosper. However, as she explained, “What I’m doing today is the right thing, but that doesn’t mean it will be the right thing tomorrow.” Unwilling to take her success for granted, Earline decided she wanted to refine her consultancy and clarify her strategy to ensure her long-term future growth.

A Smarter and More Confident Approach

That brought her to Consulting Success. Through the coaching program, she said, “They suggested that I look and see where I was really generating my income, and where I thought I would be best suited for growing the agency.” She was encouraged to become more disciplined and focus her efforts on the service that was making her the most money. At the time, she offered general business consulting, crisis communications, LinkedIn profile design, and more, but her most profitable service came from helping clients get certified as GSA Schedule Holders (a type of long-term governmentwide contract).

By focusing specifically on GSA certification consulting, she positioned her company for even greater growth. She was also encouraged to change the name of her firm to reflect the new focus, so B2B Marketing Growth became B2GSA, and she created a new way of reaching out to her ideal clients to let them know she could help. Consulting Success showed her how to go after clients in a methodical way, how to use LinkedIn to find new clients and create drip campaigns, and she learned about the latest and greatest CRM platforms.

More Value in Less Time

In the end, by her own admission, she became smarter and more confident about running her business, which has enabled her to work less and do more. She can take more time off, run her business by phone, and still provide even more value to her clients. As a result, she has more than doubled her revenue, while at the same time improving her own quality of life.

As she said, “I particularly enjoyed working with the coaches at Consulting Success, because they’re so enthusiastic and excited about helping their clients. I feel like part of their family, and I know they care about me. It feels good to have them on my team. I know if I’m having a business problem, I can email them and get an answer within a reasonable amount of time. I truly believe I’m going to have a very profitable business going forward because they are guiding me.”

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