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Case Study

11 New Clients, Greater Confidence and 10x Higher Fees

Through the confidence she gained from the Consulting Success® coaching program, Donna Bates clarified her messaging, focused on her ideal client, and raised her prices 10x higher.

Leaving the Corporate World

Donna Bates is a strategic planning consultant who helps companies implement innovative strategies through her consultancy On Point! However, for many years, she worked as a senior executive at News Corp Australia, beginning in marketing but gradually working her way up to corporate restructuring.

When her husband’s job in the Army required a lot of moving around, Donna found it increasingly difficult to continue her corporate career. As she said, “I was seeking a job that would accommodate my situation but still provide plenty of job satisfaction.” She decided to work as an independent consultant because it seemed to fit the bill. She began doing one-off consulting jobs for the Department of Defense and a local company in Darwin.

Eventually, she relocated to Western Australia, where she took on more consulting work, but she wasn’t really making money at it. She knew she had to turn her part-time work into an actual business.

Seeking a Profitable Structure

Though she had years of expertise from her corporate career, she didn’t know how to put a value on what she had to offer or how to communicate that value. Consequently, she had no idea what to charge or how to break down her consulting services into specific packages. The actual consulting work was easy, but she needed help creating the structure around it that would provide her with a consistent income.

Not knowing where to turn, she spoke to some colleagues who did consulting work and conducted a few Google searches. Soon, she came across the Consulting Success® website. She reached out and was, she said, “Impressed by the professionalism of Michael and Sam.”

She began working with Consulting Success®, where she learned how to target her ideal client with clear messaging that explained the value of her services. Along with that, she learned how to create a value proposition and sales pitch, and how to structure her packages and prices. Along the way, she appreciated being able to share challenges and frustrations with the Consulting Success team, who never hesitated to encourage her, give her a new perspective, or provide accountability.

11 New Clients, Greater Confidence and 10x Higher Fees

With all of this strategy knowledge, Donna gained a tremendous amount of confidence and a clearer sense of how to make her independent consultancy thrive. She raised her prices 10x higher and found that clients were perfectly willing to pay. Not a single client balked at the higher prices because they understood the value she was providing. In fact, she gained a number of new clients right away and has gone on to land 11 new clients as a result!

About her time at Consulting Success®, Donna said, “Michael and Sam have a lot of integrity, and I knew I could trust them. They keep their word, and they were always responsive when I needed some advice. I enjoyed working them a lot.”

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