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Michael Zipursky on Leaders In The Trenches Podcast

By Michael Zipursky

Michael was recently featured on Leaders in the Trenches Podcast, which you can listen to here: The Mindset of Success with Michael Zipursky

In business, the way you think determines your actions — which determines how successful your business is.

Successful consultants adopt the mindset which provides the foundation for their success.

Consultants that fail aren’t failing because they have a poor website or can’t write effective proposals — those are surface level problems.

They have a poor website or can’t write effective proposals because they have the wrong mindset. In business, your mindset is the first principle — it plays a role in how you do everything.

In my podcast feature with Gene Hammett, we talk about how you can proactively create a mindset for success.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • Why a mindset of success comes before strategy or tactics
  • How to finally release limiting beliefs that are holding you back from success
  • How to align your personal and business goals and reach a state of empowerment

You can listen to the full episode and see the show notes here: The Mindset of Success with Michael Zipursky

2 thoughts on “Michael Zipursky on Leaders In The Trenches Podcast

  1. Michael, I’ve been listening to your podcasts on LinkedIn for a few weeks, in search of tips and pointers on my foray into the business. I’m starting a Sales Consulting Practice targeting XaaS providers and need all the help I can get. I listened to your session with Dov Baron today, and he made a great suggestion – “Thank the people who are helping you.” So here I am to do just that. Want you to know I appreciate your podcasts very much… great content, and very helpful. I especially like #51, your self interview 😉 I struggle with lots of the stuff you talk about in that one, and sometimes pull it out and listen between all the cold outreaches I’m making, as a source of motivation. Thanks! And please keep up the good work! Best, Blain Johnson

    • Thank you Blain. I appreciate it. Keep taking action. Rooting for your success!

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