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Case Study

More than Quadrupled Income from Better Messaging and Pricing

Jason Fearnow’s monthly income more than quadrupled as a result of implementing the strategies he learned from Consulting Success®.

The Need for Better Messaging

Through his boutique consultancy, Prime Contract Solutions, Jason Fearnow provides consulting services and coaching for companies in the mining industry, with a particular focus on capital development and major project execution. He guides clients through contract negotiations for large-scale projects, and his online program helps to develop awareness of the mining industry and market.

Prior to working with Consulting Success®, as Jason explains, “My service offering was very narrow, and so was my client base.” He struggled to understand how to best position himself as an authority in his industry, and he knew he needed clearer and more effective messaging. His pricing structure was a problem, as well, built primarily around an hourly rate. Overall, though Jason was providing essential advice to clients, he knew there had to be a better approach that would help his consultancy grow.

Better Positioning Leads to Better Income

Along the way, he read our book Consulting Success®, and was impressed by what he saw. As he put it, “Their approach to business was consistent with my own from an ethics standpoint, from an integrity standpoint, and from a family standpoint.” This aligned with his own vision for Prime Contract Solutions, so he approached Consulting Success® looking for guidance.

As a member of our program, Jason learned how to position himself as a prominent authority in his industry through magnetic messaging, and he gained a better sense of how to get in front of potential clients and have meaningful conversations with them.

Indeed, Jason says his whole view of marketing changed. As he put it, “Before, I viewed marketing as merely selling a product. ‘Hey, do you want to buy a popsicle?’ It was always uncomfortable for me. Now, however, I look at marketing as a means of helping solve a client’s problem.”

He developed his messaging around that philosophy, which helped him clarify his focus. At the same time, he was encouraged to restructure his pricing, seeing the real value of the services he offered to clients. He stopped charging an hourly rate and focused on a project-oriented fee structure instead.

Income More than Quadrupled

According to Jason, as a direct result of implementing the strategies he learned from Consulting Success®, he more than quadrupled his monthly income.

“Before, I was averaging mid 5 figures in income per month in net revenue, but last month, I cleared a very solid 6 figures.”

His messaging became more effective, clients gained a better sense of the value he has to offer, and his pricing structure made more sense for his work, clients, and industry.

As Jason put it, “I enjoy working with Michael and Sam because they are genuine, authentic, and they really care about people. Plus, they know what they’re doing. The community they’ve created is amazing, and their business model works!”

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