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Case Study

Doubled Her Clients Within Weeks of Starting Our Program

With help from Consulting Success®, A. Nicole Campbell gained the clarity and confidence she needed to identify her brand, offerings, and messaging, doubling her clients within a few short weeks of starting the program.

Building a Brand-New Business

A. Nicole Campbell’s advisory firm, Build Up Advisory Group, specializes in strengthening the organizational infrastructure of nonprofit and philanthropic organizations.

As she explains, “I work with executive teams and boards on governance issue, providing expertise for making grants, as well as internal and external structuring, all of which is intended to help clients scale their businesses and their stories.”

In building and growing her business, however, she faced three specific challenges. First, she needed a clear focus about the portfolio of services she would offer clients. She possesses a broad range of expertise, but she knew she had to narrow her offerings to a specific set of services that would appeal to prospective clients.

Second, along with focused offerings, she knew she needed clarity about the kinds of clients she would target and the kinds of projects she wanted to work on. That meant defining her ideal client, a process that is not always as intuitive as it might seem, especially for a client with a lot of expertise.

Third, like so many consultants, she wasn’t sure how to position her pricing. As she put it, “I needed help learning how to assess the value proposition of the work I would offer to clients.” In all of this, she wanted to create a consultancy that felt comfortable and authentic to her.

Gaining the Confidence to Be Authentic

Nicole had come across the Consulting Success® podcast, and she appreciated our practical approach to consulting. Seeking strategic help with her business, she joined our program.

As she put it, “I really liked the group aspect of working with Consulting Success®. You’re able to learn from other people, listen to their experiences, and discover how they are dealing with their struggles.” She also enjoyed working with the Consulting Success team and coaches. “They bring so much experience to the table, and they are strategic, analytical thinkers.”

Through her time in our program, she learned how to begin making real progress by taking imperfect action.

For a long time, she’d been bogged down in an endless process of refinement, but through imperfect action, she was able to begin putting together a “minimum viable product” of services that would add tremendous value to clients.

Setting Her Up for Double Success

Nicole was able to identify her ideal client, create a portfolio of specific services with clear pricing, and build compelling messaging around it. As she said, “The portfolio I now have is really interesting and representative of the kinds of organizations I want to work with.” As part of her messaging, she was encouraged to create a weekly video web series, which proved to be very effective at connecting her with potential clients.

All of this enabled her to have many more amazing conversations with nonprofits and philanthropic organizations.

Within a few short weeks of starting the program, she doubled her number of clients from three to six, and her business continues to grow.

As she said, “When you’re starting out in business, you question yourself a lot. Consulting Success® gave me the confidence to be authentically who I am, and they’ve provided the support and resources to set me up for success.”

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