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Personal Holiday Season Message For You

By Michael Zipursky
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Can you believe another year has almost come to an end?!

I’ve had a lot to reflect on this year…

My step-father Barry passed away from Alzheimer’s.

Two young kids in our extended family have been dealing with illness, including one suddenly diagnosed with Cancer.

I look at the energy and life my daughter Rei has each day and this really puts things in perspective.

All of this continues to strengthen my belief of the importance to cherish every moment we have.

Several years ago I intentionally chose to live life by focusing on creating positive memories.

When I’m  making a decision, I ask myself, will this be something I will feel good about, be excited about, and appreciate, not just now, but years down the road. This mindset has served me well.

On the business front it has been an incredible year.

In fact, it’s been our most successful year as a company.

Most of our clients become clients by simply reaching out to us. So if you know any consultants looking to grow their business feel free to make the introduction and let us know.

We have big plans for 2018. A few new projects we are very excited to bring to life and share with our community and clients.

I always find this to be a special time of year. A time to reflect and appreciate all that we’ve experienced over the last 12 months. And a wonderful time to plan specific goals that we’re excited to realize in the year ahead.

From all of us here at, and from my family to yours, I want to wish you a very happy holidays.

My very best and wishing you a year of health, happiness and success.

Michael Zipursky


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