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Coaching and training for elite consultants

Coaching and training for elite consultants that want a predictable pipeline of steady leads and a highly profitable consulting business.

Ready to transform your consulting business? We have two impactful coaching programs to help you land more high-value clients and grow your revenues.


This is the premier coaching program for consultants to develop a predictable pipeline of clients and the only coaching program exclusively for consultants that guarantees specific results.

Have you relied on referrals or your own network to grow your business and those referrals have started to dry up? Is your pipeline lacking opportunities?

Hundreds of consultants from around the world have learned how to consistently attract clients, have an effective marketing process that is repeatable, and how to earn higher fees and win more proposals during this 8 week program.



Mastery is our highest level coaching program for consultants earning well over $300,000 annually. The Mastery Program provides you with intimate and exclusive 1-on-1 access to Michael Zipursky.

We’ll explore your pricing model, how you deliver your services, break down and explore your marketing system, look at how you generate leads in great detail, how you manage your pipeline, your approach to follow up, your authority building strategy, and together dissect your business model and goals, and then build a highly-effective and practical plan to reach them together.