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Putting the “Personal” in Personal Touch

By Michael Zipursky

The other day I got an envelope in the mail. It was addressed to me. Had my office address on it. But there was no return to sender address. Interesting, let’s see who this is I thought…

Of course these days you’d expect it to be some kind of offer from your cable company, a publication of some sort, or a real estate agent.

Not this time. I was in for a surprise….

The letter started off with:

“Dear Michael, I wanted to personally thank you for an insightful discussion. Our shared high standards of business ethics was a refreshing discover. I was impressed by… and the letter went on.”

A thank you letter. In the mail! Wow!! How old school. How absolutely wonderful!

This was the first time I met with this person – a very fine business woman. That made the letter that much more surprising. That much more impactful.

These days people rarely really say “thank you” to others that they meet in business. A quick, “thanks here”, a “yeah, I appreciate that” there…and it goes on. None of it is memorable.

What’s even worse is that these quick notes of lacklustre appreciation usually are sent by email. Jumbled in with the other 60 plus email I get a day (not counting newsletters, invoices, alerts, etc) – an email thank you is very easily lost in the mix.

If you’re still not convinced, think on this. I’m spending my time writing to you about this experience. Not only that but as soon as I got the card in the mail I let the sender know how much it meant and how I was blown away. I then tweeted it out for hundreds of others to see and to give a much deserved props to the sender.

Whether you want to say “thank you” to your clients or are looking to land new clients. Think about how you can put the “personal” into “personal touch”.

2 thoughts on “Putting the “Personal” in Personal Touch

  1. Margaret Henken says:

    A great example of service that we should aspire too.

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