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Case Study

From 0 to Multiple Six-Figure Income Within 18 Months

Within eighteen months of launching his consulting business, Tony Ruffine was earning a multiple six-figure income and enjoying a more flexible schedule thanks to the strategies he learned at Consulting Success®

Embarking in a New Direction

Tony Ruffine’s company, New Energy Venture Associates, works with companies in the distributed renewable energy space (solar and batteries), helping them to target their offerings in the complex market for renewables, as well as navigate the supply chain and understand the regulatory environment. He worked in the corporate world for many years before deciding to embark in a new direction as an independent consultant.

However, while he had plenty of subject matter expertise, he lacked a real sense of how to structure an independent consulting business. As Tony explained, “I had a great network of entrepreneurs with successful manufacturing or distribution businesses, but I did not have a great network of entrepreneurial consultants to bounce ideas off of. I came into this knowing how to help customers but not knowing how to create a value proposition or how to negotiate appropriate prices.” He also wanted help figuring out how to target his specific audience in his messaging.

A Strategy for Independent Consulting

Fortunately, when he left his former employer, someone at the outplacement service provider pointed him in the direction of Consulting Success®. Tony got in contact with us and soon realized that Consulting Success® could provide him with the strategies he needed to get his consulting business up and running. He joined our coaching program, where he learned how to target his ideal client, craft his core messaging, and structure his pricing. He also learned how to communicate his value proposition and craft a proposal, navigate a sales conversation and leverage marketing tools.

At the same time, getting plugged into a community of peers proved incredibly helpful. Now, he had a forum where he could talk to consultants at various growth stages and gain insight from their experiences. As Tony said, “Sometimes, another consultant is having a problem that is at least adjacent to a problem you’re having, so you can get thoughtful advice on different strategies for handling it.” Plus, he had direct access to Michael and Sam, who provided feedback and ongoing coaching to help keep him on track.

From Zero to a Multiple Six-Figure Income

In the end, Consulting Success® helped Tony start from nothing and build a healthy, sustainable consulting business. Within eighteen months of launching his business, he was earning a multiple six-figure income, had plenty of clients, and was enjoying the flexibility of working independently. He can now work from home, spend more time with his family, and take vacations when he wants to.

As Tony put it, “Michael and Sam at Consulting Success® are fundamentally good guys who clearly want my business to be successful. They have a ton of practical knowledge to deal with any problem I might be facing, and they’re highly collaborative in their weekly calls and meetings. I strongly recommend working with Consulting Success®.”

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