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Case Study

200% More Sales Conversations and a Thriving Pipeline

With strategies learned through Consulting Success®, Aaron Cruikshank was able to implement scalable processes that increased the number of sales conversations he was having by 200 percent.

The Struggles of a Generalist

Aaron Cruikshank’s company, CTRS Solutions, has worked with over 500 companies in the last seventeen years, helping them leverage marketing intelligence in order to improve their sales and marketing strategy so they reach more audiences. However, before Aaron joined Consulting Success®, all of his clients came through word of mouth, and he tended to take on any client who walked through the door, whether they were a good fit or not.

While the company was performing decently, Aaron became convinced that they could do a lot better. As he put it, “All of the work we’ve gotten over the years has been through word of mouth. It’s kind of a fluke that we’ve done as well as we have because we were absolutely crap at sales and marketing.” Instead of operating as a generalist and depending on word of mouth, he knew there had to be a way they could target their services more effectively and reach a larger but more relevant audience.

Looking Toward a Too-Distant Retirement

At the same time, after fourteen years in the business, he reached his fortieth birthday, and he began to think seriously about his long-term future. He dreamed of working as a consultant until he retired, but he was earning very little excess revenue. “I had not been able to grow to the point where I had enough excess revenue put away for retirement,” he explained, “and that was a big motivator for me.” He knew if he ever wanted to retire, he had to grow his business significantly. However, he lacked the tools, processes, or sales volume to effectively scale.

“My pipeline needs to be ten times bigger,” he realized, “but how in the world do I make that happen when I rely on word of mouth?”

That desire for growth brought him to the Consulting Success® program. Consulting Success had been on his radar for a while, chiefly through their podcasts and social media content. He’d read through one of their e-books and implemented some improvements to his business years earlier. Consequently, he already knew Consulting Success® could help him, but now he was ready to commit fully.

Scalable Processes Lead to 200% More Sales Conversations

During his time in the coaching program, he learned how to refine his offering from twenty different services to just a couple of specialties. He also learned how to create a content marketing engine and craft a sales process to leverage it in a way that would be scalable for his business. Consulting Success® showed him how to effectively utilize the LinkedIn sales navigator and conduct consistent outreach.

As a result, his volume of sales conversations increased by 200 percent, and the average number of people reading his LinkedIn posts grew from 350 to 500. When he started getting people reading his posts outside of his network, he knew he was on to something. Those second-degree connections are now 10 percent of his views, which means his network continues to grow with every post. He has put scalable processes in place, increased his pipeline, and his business continues to grow to this day. “I finally feel like things are heading the right direction,” he said.

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