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Case Study

Optimized Offer and Messaging Leads to Large Contract Win With Dream Client

As a direct result of the strategies he learned at Consulting Success®, Howard Bryant won a major contract with a large corporation dream client.

Building an Independent Business

After many years in the corporate world, Howard Bryant decided to strike out on his own. His vision was to become a full-time independent consultant. Initially, he partnered with a company in the UK to provide corporate training products. Eventually, he relocated to Thailand, where he sold training products to retail companies, but he also began to do consulting work for mid-sized companies in developing markets looking to increase their commercial capabilities and capacity. This led to project management and strategy work, helping leadership teams write and implement business plans, as well as some personal development coaching.

Though he was moving more and more into consulting, Howard explained, “What I didn’t have was some real structure for my business.” He had no formal training on running a consulting business, so while he had plenty of expertise to share with clients, he struggled to develop processes for effectively growing his business and reaching the right clients. Though he read some content in an effort to learn, as he said, “It's all very well to read books, but somehow it's not the same as having somebody who's been there, done it, got the tee shirt.”

Learning to Dig Deeper

Along the way, he came across some of the social media content put out by Consulting Success®, and he was drawn to our clear processes, organizational strategies, and business management advice—in particular, our encouragement to dig deeper with clients in order to find their real problems. This inspired him to join the Consulting Success® coaching program.

In our program, he said, “The most important thing I learned was how to clarify my offer and structure my pricing.” He also learned how to create targeted messaging and relevant content on his website and social media, and how to navigate the stages of a sales conversation, which gave him a clear process for talking to prospective clients.

A Tactical and Methodical Approach to Consulting

As a result of implementing these strategies, he won a major project with a large corporation. The six-month project involved work across eight business units, so he leveraged his network to create a team of consultants. Throughout the six months, Howard used Consulting Success® as a resource, speaking frequently to the Consulting Success team to discuss the challenges of managing both consultants and key client stakeholders at the same time.

In the end, Howard’s time at Consulting Success® provided him with the tactical and methodical approach to building a consulting business that he needed in order to grow. As he put it, “Consulting Success is consistent, has a proven formula, and a vast amount of knowledge on consulting. I could discuss challenges with them, and they always had a good answer. Sometimes, I already knew the right answer, but they provided confirmation that helped me to trust my instincts.”

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