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Case Study

Increased Revenue by 100% and Building a Robust Pipeline

Martin Krumbein increased his revenue by 100 percent through the marketing, content creation, and pricing strategies he learned at Consulting Success®.

Looking for a Better Pipeline

Martin Krumbein is a strategy execution consultant for mid-sized organizations in Germany. Through his organization, onTarget, he helps leaders implement growth strategies by focusing on the key drivers of success in order to achieve their sales and earnings goals.

As he explained, “I started my business three years ago. I had some existing clients from my corporate career, but I soon recognized the need to grow my business in order to make it sustainable. Somehow, I had to develop other approaches that would get more leads and more requests from potential customers regarding consulting engagements.”

At the same time, he knew his pricing structure needed work. He was charging a daily rate, but his fees were too low to make the business scalable. He knew he needed to shift from charging people for his time to charging them for the value he was delivering. After all, his strategy execution advice was delivering huge benefits for the bottom line of his client companies. Somehow, he had to market the value he was delivering more effectively.

Charging for Value Instead of Time

Martin became aware of Consulting Success® through our Consulting Success System 2.0 book, which inspired him to take one of our online courses. Through the book and online course, he began to make some small adjustments to his business, testing out easy strategies for new customer acquisition, and the outcome was positive enough that he knew he wanted to dive deeper. That brought him to our coaching program.

One of the most important strategies he learned during his time at Consulting Success® was how to create and manage his sales pipeline. As he said, “We’ve been working very intensely on my sales pipeline to create a rhythm so I’m in touch with people in the pipeline on a more consistent basis.” He also gained clarity on the value and benefits he was providing customers, so he could restructure his pricing in a way that was more profitable. He learned how to communicate that value to his target audience through consistent content that was easy to produce, such as case studies, which he began to share on his blog.

Increased Income by 100 Percent

In short order, Martin was able to close two retainers under his new fee structure. In the end, as a result of the strategies he learned from Consulting Success®, he increased his revenue by 100 percent, and he now has a healthy pipeline of new projects.

As Martin put it, “Michael and Sam provided me with new perspectives on my business which I could not have gotten on my own. Their strategies have been very valuable in helping me develop my marketing system, manage my pipeline, and restructure by pricing. I benefit from every contact I have with those guys.”

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