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Taking Time Off Is a Business Priority

By Michael Zipursky

The idea that the more you work the more successful you’ll be is absurd.

It’s like the person that earns $250,000 a year and has no savings or investments. Ridiculous at best.

Working flat out and delaying holidays and breaks doesn’t help your business, it hurts it.

Some of the most successful consultants I’ve worked with take off at least 12 weeks for holidays each year.

You don’t have to match that. Just get started…

If you’ve been putting off taking your family or spouse on a holiday, plan it, put it on your calendar and do it.

It doesn’t have to be a round-the-world trip. It can be as simple as booking a hotel in your own city, arranging a half day off to take your kids for a hike, or treat yourself at the spa.

Running on all engines and working flat out can only last so long. Your mind, body and soul need time to rest.

Time to re-energize.

Some of your most creative and powerful ideas will come to you when you’re not working.

The most common objection I hear is, “But Michael, I just need to make an extra $15,000 and then I’ll take my family on a trip.”

That’s a horrible idea.

Take your family on a smaller trip now if you don’t have the money for a big trip. Life is about living, not about waiting and putting things off.

I can tell you ever since I started taking more time off, traveling overseas and taking my wife on weekend getaways I’ve felt more refreshed. More focused. And my business has grown significantly during that time.

I plan to continue this, because it works.

My hope is that you’ll make taking time off a priority and that your business and lifestyle will benefit greatly from it too.

4 thoughts on “Taking Time Off Is a Business Priority

  1. Sarah Allison says:

    I’m very guilty of not taking time off. It frightens me somehow which I know sounds silly. I’m working towards it and although I probably can’t stretch to a two week or more holiday abroad for a while I’ve been thinking how great it would be to take a long weekend Fri to Mon every month. I might just test it out!

  2. Betsy Linnell says:

    Just what I needed to hear. I took Friday off with my kids last week as well as Saturday and most of Sunday. I had a super productive day today (Monday) as a result. I’m going to do more of that this summer!

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