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Consulting Challenge Executives Face

By Michael Zipursky

Here’s a consulting question I received as part of the “Ask Michael” series:

“What’s the biggest challenge that former-executives-turned-consultant face?”

Great question. I work with many executives that have left the corporate world to become consultants.

Most executives have a great skill set.

That is, they are very good at what they do. The problem they face is that they aren’t good at marketing and getting clients.

As an executive you have access to all kinds of resources, from money and equipment, to staff and so on.

But a big difference is that most executives aren’t used to actually doing the work to get clients and generate new business.

It’s important that you study the foundations of a building a marketing system that attracts consulting clients.

Once leads are coming in most executives are more than ready to work with their clients and produce the results.

6 thoughts on “Consulting Challenge Executives Face

  1. Pat says:

    Yes, I can understand this one!

  2. Hank says:

    I’m actually dealing with this issue right now. Glad to know I’m not the only one.

  3. Len P says:

    Interesting article. As an ex-Military guy, I frequently get asked a similar “What’s the biggest challenge that ex-Military face when moving to consulting?”, and the answer I give is the same: business development and all that that entails!

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