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The Real Value in VaynerTalent

By Michael Zipursky
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(Image from VaynerTalent)

Some people just don’t get it.

VaynerMedia, Gary Vaynerchuk’s social media agency that works with some of the world’s largest brands recently announced a new division and service called VaynerTalent.

The new service creates content for people and then distributes and promotes that content. If you’ve seen Gary’s DailyVee videos you’ll have an idea of what this is all about.

The service starts at $25,000/month.

As soon as Gary posted about the new service on LinkedIn the comments started pouring in.

“25k a month for tweeting, blogging, vlogging, and facebooking…all those platforms are FREE!”


“25k per month…is a major 6 figure investment with no promise of a return”

These people are missing the point.

The $25k/mo service isn’t for everyone. It’s certainly not for those giving their opinion of the price being too high.

(Image from Gary Vaynerchuk)

VaynerTalent has a very clear picture of who their ideal client is. And that client can afford the investment.

Next, the value in this service isn’t the deliverables. It’s not about the content, tweets, blog posts or videos.

It’s about the outcome and result the content will create.

It’s about the value in the time savings. For the ideal client, say a popular singer that wants to build their brand.

Does it make sense for them to spend their time trying to figure all of this out themselves?

Or is it smarter to use a process that others have proven to work and instead focus their time on singing, doing concerts, creating merchandise or signing new deals?

Take another example for someone in business…

What is the value of a few keynote speaking engagements? Or the value of winning a new account or a few new clients?

When the ideal client runs the numbers the investment will need to make sense for them. If someone investments $100,000 and can only see the potential to make back $10,000 they aren’t going signup.

But when that same investment has the potential to add $500,000 or more in value the investment makes a lot of sense, right?

It doesn’t matter whether the service is 25k or 50k/mo – as long as their return on investment is significant.

Consultants can learn a lot from this approach.

  • Identify your ideal client.
  • Figure out what problem they have and the result they want.
  • Offer them a solution that solves that problem and gives them that result.
  • Communicate the value of it to the ideal client.
  • Ignore the rest of the market that isn’t the ideal client.
  • Charge premium fees that provide the client with a significant ROI.

Focus less on how much something costs and instead on the value and ROI you’ll get. You’ll start to see a lot more opportunities around you and life and business becomes much more exciting.

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