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Online Marketing Lessons

By Sam Zipursky

Last night I was doing a small round of web research, specifically looking for businesses or consultants that offer SEO services. I came across the website I thought this particular website had some valuable online marketing lessons that I could share with you.

As you read this post ask yourself if you’re doing any of these on your blog or website… and especially for client projects.

Using Video:
As soon as you land on the home page of Think Big Sites they have a video player in the middle that contains a few short videos introducing the company and also explaining the main services that they offer. The videos are concise, easy to navigate through, and give the end user a solid understanding of what offers its clients.

On top of this they also use video in all major sections of the website to introduce the main services which are SEO, Pay Per Click, and Web Design & Optimization.

Are you using video on your web projects? It’s definitely something you should consider as it’s a great way to increase the level of engagement, interest and interaction on your blog or website.

Simple Navigation:
It still amazes me how many websites out there do not have a simple and intuitive navigation system. does a good job of this. They have a clear horizontal menu in the middle of the site that covers the main services they offer in detail, information about the company, and an easy way to contact them.

There’s not much to say on this, but ask yourself, when users look at your website’s navigation can they find the following information easily:

* What services do you or your company offer?
* Who are you?
* How can they get in touch with you?

If your navigation answers the above questions then you’re on the right path.

Capture User Information:
Are you getting the email address and names of people that visit your website? You should be. No matter what kind of service or product you’re offering it almost always makes sense to try and get the name and email address of the people that are visiting your website. It’s the best way to follow up with them and start building a relationship with your potential customers.

The way this is usually done is by offering one valuable resource for FREE (eBook, White paper, Report, etc). Think Big Sites goes beyond the one size fits all mentality and they offer five different resources to their readers:

  1. SEO Analysis
  2. Free PPC Demo
  3. Website Ranking Check
  4. ThinkBIG Whitepaper
  5. Monthly Newsletter

I don’t often see websites offering so many different FREE resources but I like this approach. If a user is not interested in the monthly newsletter then maybe they’re interested in an SEO analysis or the white paper.

Do you see where I’m going here? They offer a bunch of FREE resources to increase the chance of users signing up.

Lessons Learned:

So there you have it folks, a quick review of a website that is applying some solid online marketing principles to make business work for them. Now take a minute to review this post and and ask yourself what areas of your website, blog or client projects can be improved?

22 thoughts on “Online Marketing Lessons

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