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Video Messages: A Quick & Easy Way To Improve Your Marketing Results

By Michael Zipursky

Video messages will instantly improve your marketing. 

Rule # 1 of marketing is this:

You must stand out.

Consultants often forget this rule.

They’ll send LinkedIn messages or emails that do NOTHING to differentiate them from their competition.

Recently, we’ve been using a new tactic for our marketing efforts: video messages.

They work well for many reasons.

But one of the main reasons they work?

Video messages help you stand out in a sea of generic, copy-and-paste outreach scripts.

Watch the video below to learn why video messages will increase your marketing success — and the exact tools we use in our business to create them:

By the end of this article, you’ll be ready to send your first highly-personalized videos to your potential consulting clients — and massively increase your response rate.

What Makes Video Messages Work?

Imagine that it’s Thursday morning and you’re getting your work started for the day.

You open up your email inbox and you’ve received 2 emails.

The first one reads:

“Hi there! I’m Steve from AccountFox I would love to explore if there are synergies between our businesses. Do you have time for a quick call?”

You think “oh, it’s another one of those outreach emails.” They didn’t customize it, so it’s probably automated. You quickly delete the email.

The second one reads:

“Hey John. You’re doing some great work in the financial industry — I read your latest article and found it very insightful. My name is Megan and I also work in the financial industry: I recorded a quick video to introduce myself.”

You click on the video. In the video, you see the recipient addressing you by name, making eye contact, and asking you a specific question.

You’re impressed by their effort. They’ve taken the time to make this video just for you. They couldn’t automate this and send it to anybody.

You’re not quite sure where this might go or what they want, but you’ll respond with an answer to their question.

So, what makes the first email different from the second email?


The more personalization you put into an outreach message, the higher the chance your prospect will respond.

And video messages give your outreach the highest levels of personalization. Instead of mere words on a screen, you’re showing your face and speaking to your recipient.

Contrast that with the copy and paste “pitch” that you’ve seen 100 times.

By personalizing your outreach emails with video, you’ll get more responses. The more responses you get, the more meetings and calls you book.

And the more conversations you’re having with your ideal clients, the more consulting business you’ll win.

How To Create A Video Message For Your Client (Video Message Example)

So how do you create a video message for your client?

Here’s how Sam Zipursky, co-founder at Consulting Success, uses video messages:

Step 1: Open up your prospect’s LinkedIn profile.

Step 2: Make a quick introduction.

Example script: “Hey, good morning NAME. My name is YOUR_NAME. I checked out COMPANY and see that you’re doing some awesome work. I noticed you’re helping INDUSTRY get RESULT.

Step 3: State your intentions.

Example script: “I’m really interested in what you do and would like to learn some more. I’m looking to build relationships with the folks in this industry. In my company, we help INDUSTRY get RESULT. It looks like you’re in the same space, so I just wanted to connect for now and say hello.”

Step 4: Make a call-to-action.

Examples script: “If you’d like to check out my site, you can find it at And if there’s anything I can do to help you share your content or make any introductions, let me know.”

Step 5: Write & send your message.

Example message: “Hey NAME. Love what you’re doing at COMPANY. Recorded a quick introduction video to introduce myself: LINK.”

What you’re trying to do is connect naturally, say hello, and make yourself known.

You’re making it clear that you’ve checked out their website and their content. You’re taking interest in your prospect before talking about yourself.

When trying to connect with an ideal prospect, there’s a much higher chance they’ll accept your invitation when you introduce yourself by following these steps — and include a video message.

Tools & Tips For Your Video Messages

Below are some tools & tips to make your video messages more effective.

video message tool for consultants

Video Messages Tools

  • Loom: This is the tool we use in our business. Loom makes it easy and fast to send videos to clients. Loom is perfect for sending screen recordings and has an option to feature your camera in the bottom left corner.
  • Dubb: Dubb is similar to Loom, but has a few different features. It has tracking capabilities, LinkedIn integration, and built-in CRM. It’s great if you’re looking for a more comprehensives video recording too.
  • Bombomb: Another popular video messaging tool. Bombomb is great for bigger teams, allowing you to distribute video and email with team members. It also has mass-sending options so that you can email your video to everyone in your database.
  • Webcam: A high-quality webcam will give your videos a professional, authentic quality. The Logitech C920 Webcam HD Pro is a fantastic option if you will be sending video from your desktop computer.
  • Your Phone: At the very least, all you need to send a video message to potential clients is your phone. It helps if you have a small tripod so that you can prop up your phone — but if you have a modern phone, you have everything you need to get started with video messaging.

Video Messages Tips

  • Best outreach practices apply. Keep it short. Keep it focused on the recipient. Have a clear question or call to action. Your goal is to get a response. Then, you can keep the conversation going.
  • Embrace the discomfort. Nobody feels comfortable their first few times sending video messages. But the more you do, the more you’ll become comfortable recording and sending them.
  • Start creating video content. If you can create video messages, you can create video content. Combining long-form, authoritative content with video will give your content a powerful one-two punch that will attract your ideal clients. Check out Consulting Success® TV, our YouTube channel, to see some examples.

Imperfect Action

In your next outreach message to an ideal prospective client, include a personalized video.

Make it quick and actionable. Put yourself on camera. Write a quick message that gets them to watch your video using the tips in this article.

Send it without any expectations. Some prospects will watch it and won’t respond. That’s OK.

But many prospects will be impressed by the fact that you’ve sent a personalized video. They’ll watch it and respond to you. Then, you can start building a relationship with them.

If you get a response, you begin the relationship-building process.

By personalizing your outreach messages with video, you’ll massively increase your chance of getting that response — and eventually, your ability to win more consulting business through direct outreach.

2 thoughts on “Video Messages: A Quick & Easy Way To Improve Your Marketing Results

  1. Brad Hanks says:

    CloudApp should definitely be on this list. They have been around for 5 years and have as of yet flown under the radar because they are so product-centric.

    • Thanks for mentioning that Brad. Haven’t used it so I can’t give any feedback on it. We use Loom a lot and have used Dubb as well. You should be transparent and say that you work for CloudApp so people know.

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